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by C.T. Griffith
Teine, a young Human slave, mourns the end of his personal goals and dreams when he is gifted to the son of an unstable, yet influential, Aoife lord. Like his ancestors before him, Teine must learn to navigate the complex politics of the long-lived, powerful and wealthy Aoife, the ruling class of The Empyrean. Surrounded now by an ever expanding world steeped in awakening magic, divided loyalties and hidden dangers, he can’t begin to imagine the adventure his life is about to become…
Message Bearer
by M.S. Dobing
PRICE: $0.99
For reasons unknown, Seb is constantly drawn to random places without meaning, following an instinct he doesn't understand.
One night that instinct lands him in trouble when he encounters Sarah, a young woman hunted by a demon born of nightmares. Against his better judgement Seb attempts to intervene, only to nearly get himself killed in the process. Before she passes, Sarah transfers something to him, an arcane knowledge that gets buried deep into his subconscious.
Rescued by the Brotherhood warrior Cade, Seb's life takes on an unexpected turn when he is told he is a Latent, a fledgling mage able to manipulate the very energies of reality to his own devices. He is brought into a supernatural world within our own where the Magistry and its allies engage with the demonic Sheol in a timeless conflict that has traversed entire universes.
A world where he, and he alone, carries the message that could change the course of the conflict forever.
She Who Remembers
by Linda Lay Shuler
PRICE: $1.99
In an ancient time of fear and superstition, she stood apart because of her unusual blue eyes. In a land of great stone cities and trackless wilderness, she sought her own unique path. But it was with the clan that accepted her—and in the heart of the magic man who saved her—that she found her ultimate destiny. Her name was Kwani. But legend would call her She Who Remembers...
The Healing Touch
by Angelina Kalahari
Based on real events,The Healing Touch is a mesmerising story of loss, heartbreak, passion, and love in many guises. A gripping read you won't want to put down. Funny, devastating, and uplifting by turns,The Healing Touch will leave you yearning to experience the perfect love yourself.
When not one, but two men enter her life, Isabelle Cooper's world is turned upside down. Will the unexpected loss of one man drive her back inside her safe, albeit unfulfilling life, or push her into the arms of the other?
Has she finally had enough of an unsatisfactory sex life with her husband of twenty two years? And will the cost be worth feeling more fully alive than ever before?
Gorgeous, talented, complex Isabelle, a sexy, youthful fifty five year old, is going through the menopause. But is it also a new coming of age for her? Is it time to question her long established position in life, her well-learned role? Is she bold enough to open new windows and walk through new doors?
Deadly Disco in Las Vegas
by AR Winters
PRICE: $0.99

A Cupcakes-And-Crime Caper

When cupcake-loving croupier Tiffany Black and her friend Ian are asked to investigate a businessman’s “accidental” death, they quickly find themselves embroiled in Vegas’s night life.
A stand-alone, Tiffany Black mystery
After Tiffany and Ian stumble onto what could be a cover-up, they must hurry to find the real killer - before it’s too late.
"Winters will have you giggling into your book!"

Murder in the Salon
by Kennedy Chase
PRICE: $0.99
When Harley and her boyfriend, Cole, receive a contract to provide local security for singing sensation, Mitzi Monroe, Harley thinks it’ll be a quick and easy job. Mitzi is visiting a top Notting Hill salon for a style and a photo shoot. But it quickly becomes more complicated when the singer is tragically killed.
The singer’s management company have millions of dollars sunk into her career, and need to salvage what they can of their reputation. Harley starts digging into the apparent accident, and along with her partner, Cordelia Silvers, meddling Aunt Maggie, and her two pets, Max and Monty, she soon discovers nothing is as it seems, and the showbiz world is far murkier than she ever imagined.
Things get more challenging when Harley and Cole look for a new home together: they find an apartment that appears to be perfect, except that it’s suspiciously cheap, and the landlord has a strange past. Harley will need to uncover the truth of their prospective new landlord and the mystery of the apartment if she and Cole are to have a future together.
The Sheikh's Daughter
by Kate Goldman
Sheikh Girgis, the king of Arabistan, wants to build the most advanced oil refinery in the Middle East and travels to Houston, Texas, in order to meet with a talented industrial architect, Jake Pierce. During his evening jog in Houston, Jake sees three men harassing a young woman and gets into a fight with them to save her. Jake escorts the young lady to the hotel where she is staying, and they both notice a connection between them. Jake gets the shock of his life the next morning when he meets Sheikh Girgis and sees the young woman that he rescued at his side. The sheikh introduces her as his daughter, Princess Amina. The sheikh hires Jake and after he arrives in Arabistan accommodates him at the palace. While Jake is working on the oil refinery he often runs into Amina. They enjoy spending time together and they quickly fall in love head over heels with each other. When Jake and Amina realize that the sheikh will never allow them to marry, they decide to flee to the USA on a private jet. After they are caught by security guards in the airport and brought back to the palace, Sheikh Girgis makes Jake an offer that is very difficult to decline.
Billion-Dollar Tango
by Christina Clark
PRICE: $0.99
This is the Complete Bundle of the seven-part romance novel series, Billion-Dollar Tango.
Jolene Knight is your average girl in her early 20s, doing everything she possibly can to keep her head above her student debt. She is an aspiring erotica writer, building a small but loyal fan base with her erotic fiction blog. One day, she hopes to make it big with a book publishing deal of her own. In the meantime, she takes up a job at PostHaste Media, one of the largest digital media agencies in the world. She becomes the personal assistant of Bradley Hastings, the handsome billionaire CEO. Almost instantly, sparks fly. Jolene soon realizes she doesn't have to look to her friends' steamy escapades as inspiration for her stories any longer...
Bradley Hastings and Tanya Fairchild are Hollywood's power couple. When their divorce hits the news, the public is shocked. And when Tanya Fairchild is mysteriously shot and killed in her home, the public is in uproar. As Jolene becomes more entangled with the situation, it becomes clear – she had no idea what she had gotten herself into...
Everyone's a suspect.
Billionaire's Fiance
by Alexa Davis & Claire Adams
PRICE: $0.99
When out-of-work actress Lexi Wallace finds herself in need of a job after being dumped by her Hollywood bound boyfriend, she takes a position with the mysterious Max Malin, a jewelry store owner who needs an actress to play the role of sales associate. With a business deal between Max and a rich client raising the stakes, Max offers Lexi additional money and a room in his luxury penthouse if she will pose as his fiancée, but when Max’s family background comes back to haunt him, Lexi finds herself in the middle of a Russian mafia feud that may cost her her life. Will Lexi let Max into her stubbornly guarded heart? And, will Max find a way to save Lexi before the clock runs out?
Mail Order Bride: Her Montana Outlaw
by April Jane
1874, Candice lives in a small Montana town where there is only stagnation. The town she lives in was long ago abandoned when the gold ran out.
But after her mother’s death, her father decided that it would be best to not move around any longer. Instead, he opened a tavern and enlisted his daughter’s help.
After all, she’s not suitable for a suitor, because no one is looking for a mail order bride with a little extra padding, are they? At least that is what Candice thinks.
However, when their quiet town is suddenly disrupted, everything that Candice thought was possible changes. Not only is she desired by a beautiful man, but an adventure awaits her. Can she handle it?
Will she be able to race against the clock to prove the man who might just be the one to love her is innocent of serious charges of murder?
Let's Go Crazy: Prince and the Making of Purple Rain
by Alan Light
PRICE: $3.99
Purple Rain is a song, an album, and a film—widely considered to be among the most important albums in music history and often named the best soundtrack of all time. It sold over a million copies in its first week of release in 1984 and blasted to #1 on the charts, where it would remain for a full six months and eventually sell over 20 million copies worldwide. It spun off three huge hit singles, won Grammys and an Oscar, and took Prince from pop star to legend—the first artist ever simultaneously to have the #1 album, single, and movie in the country.
In Let’s Go Crazy, acclaimed music journalist Alan Light takes a timely look at the making and incredible popularizing of this once seemingly impossible project. With impeccable research and in-depth interviews with people who witnessed and participated in Prince’s audacious vision becoming a reality, Light reveals how a rising but not yet established artist from the Midwest was able not only to get Purple Rain made, but deliver on his promise to conquer the world.
I Would Die 4 U: Why Prince Became an Icon
by Touré
PRICE: $3.99
Drawing on new research and enlivened by Touré’s unique pop-cultural fluency, I Would Die 4 U relies on surprising and in-depth interviews with Prince’s band members, former girlfriends, musicologists, and even Bible scholars to deconstruct the artist’s life and work.
Prince’s baby boomer status allowed him to play a wise older brother to the latchkey kids of generation X. Defying traditional categories of race, gender, and sexuality, he nonetheless presents a very traditional conception of religion and God in his music. He was an MTV megastar and a religious evangelist, using images of sex and profanity to invite us into a musical conversation about the healing power of God. By demystifying the man and his music, I Would Die 4 U shows us how Prince defined a generation.

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