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Death on Alder
by Beth Everett

Take a trip that's a little bit Nancy Drew, a dash Cheech and Chong and, and just enough Streets of San Francisco to make you want to hop on a cable car.
Lee Harding can’t find happiness in the harsh east coast winters. A trip to her hometown of San Francisco is meant to lift her spirits. She stays with her sister Alice’s home at the Twenty Alder compound, a tiny courtyard with five separate apartments. The residents are scurrying to prepare for their landlord Martha’s birthday celebration. The courtyard is lit with strings of lights, the bar is ready and lanterns are being hung on the enormous oak trees.
When Lee is in New Jersey, she does nothing but dream of moving back to San Francisco, but this trip is proving that you cannot go home again. There seems to be new buildings everywhere, and the funky city of her past is getting harder and harder to find. Bohemian Landlord Martha Byrne represents all that is loved about old San Francisco. When she is murdered in her apartment after her party, Lee is determined to figure out which of the tenants is responsible.
The detective on the case is a started and pressed cop named Erik Healy. Lee’s position as a guest in the compound gives her unfettered access to the politics that go on between the tenants at Twenty Alder Street. She shares her concerns with the detective and soon the two have formed a friendship that has a little too much heat. Lee is reading Hemingway’s, A Moveable Feast and decides that the author died full of regret. She keeps this in mind as she toys with the idea of something further with Erik Healy.
The Harding sisters distract themselves from the grim mood at the apartment house by touring their old haunts. The scars from their tragic childhood have left them with painful wounds, and they find lighthearted relief in weed and alcohol.
It seems just about everyone in the complex has a motive for wanting Martha dead, but no one more than the hot headed Miles Alcazar. Just when Lee is sure the man is responsible, he turns up dead. Someone is taking out the residents one by one and she fears her sister Alice could be next.
Death on Alder is a love letter to San Francisco, sisterhood and the myth of home.
Mossy Creek
by Jill Behe
PRICE: $0.99
Welcome to Mossy Creek. We’re small and easy-going with a lot of community pride and camaraderie. What we don’t have a lot of is crime.
A close-knit laid-back little borough, so close to the southern border of Pennsylvania we’re almost in West Virginia. Townsfolk like to say: “We’re south enough to lend credence to our slight drawl, but sufficiently north of the Mason-Dixon to be ‘damn Yankees’.”
None of us were prepared for murder … especially involving a teenager.
Cadbury Creme Murder: A Donut Hole Cozy Mystery
by Susan Gillard
It’s springtime in Hillside, Texas, which means tornado season. A tornado rips through town, damaging property here and there. Fortunately, the damage is reparable, and only one person is found dead—Verna Dixon, an elderly widow who lived on the edge of town.
At first, everyone assumes that Verna was killed by flying debris from the tornado (she was found outside, halfway between her house and her chicken coop) as she was trying to bring her chickens inside. But Detective Ryan Shepherd realizes there’s more to this death than meets the eye when he discovers that Verna was not killed by a flying piece of wood, as was originally suspected.
Why would anyone want to kill Verna? That’s the question bothering Ryan and Heather. There’s no apparent motive, and no one knows seems to know where to begin looking for suspects.
Did Verna know something about someone she was trying to decide whether or not to reveal? What could Verna have known?
Join Heather, Ryan, and all the regulars of Hillside, Texas, as they try to figure out who killed Verna and why. The answer may surprise you!
Chai Cupcake Killer
by Summer Prescott
PRICE: $0.99
If you loved the Frosted Love series…you’ll love this 4th installment in the series that continues the adventures of Missy, Chas, and the rest of the gang. They’ve moved from Louisiana to Calgon, Florida, and have picked up an interesting cast of characters along the way!
Missy and Echo travel back to LaChance, Louisiana to plan Grayson and Sarah’s wedding. Missy loves the changes that Grayson has made to her old shop, but finds herself feeling nostalgic when she revisits the town where she was born and raised.
When a woman and her mother are found murdered in a “haunted” house just a few miles from Missy’s old neighborhood, Missy and Echo find themselves swept up in a chilling search for the truth.
Six Months in Montana
by Pamela M Kelley
Molly Bishop loves living in Manhattan and managing a boutique luxury hotel. She's about to be promoted to her dream job of General Manager, the role she's been striving for her entire career.
There's only one thing standing in her way.
The will of her childhood friend, Christian Ford's grandfather. She hasn't even seen Christian in over ten years, but a recent run-in with his grandfather during a rare visit home, resulted in a new condition to the will. Christian will only inherit the ranch he's been running and the real estate development business that he has expanded, if he marries Molly and stays married for at least six months.
Snowfall and Secrets
by Kierra Quinn
PRICE: $0.99
Tess escapes from Florida with a secret as big as Miami. She needs to find someplace to lay low and hide from her overbearing family. Mackinac Island, Michigan, should be the perfect place to hide out. However, her timing is a little off, it's the dead of winter and she's never been in temperatures below fifty degrees. Just her luck, her landlord, Lukas, is as hot as the sun. He's also moody and hiding secrets as well. Which suits Tess fine. A man is the last complication she needs. A Michigan blizzard leaves them trapped in the same house together and things heat up, fast. Tess finds herself falling for Lukas, in spite of the secrets that could ruin everything before it even begins.

Taking it With You
by Daniel Prokop
The fictional story of a dying spiritually challenged woman, who vows to take everything with her when she dies. Unfortunately, cryonics leaves her cold but the thought of bequeathing her vast fortune to herself, to her reincarnation, becomes an obsession. She reasons that if the Tibetan Buddhists can find the Dalai Lama's reincarnation 13 times then surely, for a very large sum of money they will agree to find hers once...
This is an inspiring West tries to buy East story of hope, possibility and a prophecy that promises a Free Tibet. 'Taking it With You' is a rich, light hearted drama that has spirit and soul and humour. "An intoxicatingly delicious, inspiring read." It compares the fear of death in the west with the acceptance and understanding of death’s role in life in the east. It contrasts saffron with Armani, compassion with selfishness and happiness with profound unhappiness - in a good way. This book has been blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Once upon a time there were only two certainties, death and taxes but now if you have enough money taxes seem optional, at least for some, but death can still not be cheated. Everybody knows that you can't take anything with you when you die. Or can you? Read this book to find out.
Timeless Night
by Torie James
PRICE: $0.99
In an epic battle of good versus evil, one woman finds herself the focal point of a magical feud. Sabrina thought she knew who she was until a knight of long ago returns to steal her heart.
If you could live forever, what would you choose to live for? I chose love...
A silent guardian, Alexander has walked the corridors of time in pursuit of an end to a haunting prophecy. Sabrina has lived a life surrounded by modern magic, unaware that the greatest and deadliest of powers reside within her own soul. If it only takes the light of love to ignite the stars, what of the decadent seduction of darkness? All roads don't lead home and some myths only grow into legend.
Until the End
by Tracey ward
An outbreak of The Fever has taken hold of Portland, Oregon, bringing the population to its knees. The Fever spreads and kills quickly, but the dead aren't staying dead.
When her neighbor, Jordan, saves her from an infected, Alissa joins him in his plan to escape the city, the zombies and the threat of a quarantine that will lock the living in with the undead.
What she doesn't tell him is that she has an illness of her own, one that plays tricks with her mind and makes her a dangerous companion. But Jordan has a secret as well, one that compels him to keep Alissa, a veritable stranger, safe at all costs.
As they fight for their lives and race for their freedom, they'll discover that what they truly need in order to survive is to stay together until the end.
Broken World
by Kate L Mary
PRICE: $0.99
When a deadly virus sweeps the country, Vivian Thomas sets out for California in hopes of seeing the daughter she gave up for adoption. Then her car breaks down and she’s faced with a choice. Give up, or accept a ride from redneck brothers, Angus and Axl. Vivian knows the offer has more to do with her double D’s than kindness, but she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to reach her daughter.
The virus is spreading, and by the time the group makes it to California, most of the population has been wiped out. When the dead start coming back, Vivian and the others realize that no electricity or running water are the least of their concerns. Now Vivian has to figure out how to be a mother under the most frightening circumstances, cope with Angus’s aggressive mood swings, and sort out her growing attraction to his brooding younger brother, Axl.
While searching for a safe place to go, they pick up a pompous billionaire who may be the answer to all their problems. Trusting him means going into the middle of the Mojave Desert and possibly risking their lives, but with the streets overrun and nowhere else to turn, it seems he might be their only chance for survival.
Heart Strings
by Mira Bailee
Before Devon Stone met Olivia Margot, his life was a train wreck, but he wasn't the only one.
Meet Miles Riot, the guitarist to the band on the rise, Tempest Ultra. The record labels are after them. The adoring fans are after them. The tabloids are after them.
Abigail Clarke is a music journalist--definitely not a paparazzi rat--who's been assigned to go on tour with the band. But for this small town, Texas girl, traveling with the chaotic and reckless crew is the opposite of fun. She'd much prefer the soulful twangs of an acoustic guitar in a coffee shop to the eardrum-assaulting riffs and violent mosh pits that Tempest evokes. Good thing she's a professional. Abby's certain she'll get her story one way or another.
Miles knows Abby will have plenty of drama to report. From rock star hijinks to deep, dark secrets, Abby has the power to bury this band before they're ever signed.
He'll have to keep a close eye on this woman to make sure she doesn't get in the way...
Let Love Stay
by Melissa Collins
PRICE: $0.99
If you’re lucky, you’ll fall in love – truly, madly and deeply in love. But what happens when that honest and pure love isn’t enough to erase your fears? What happens when your past rears its ugly head and threatens your future?
Maddy and Reid had that kind of love – the all-encompassing, Earth shattering, once in a lifetime kind of love. Then life happened. Old wounds that were thought to be long healed and scabbed over are ripped opened and they are forced to face the possibility that, maybe, they are not strong enough to fight their demons and embrace the light.
Together, they found out what love is, but now they will each need to heal on their own before they can ever be together again. They must face their fears and beat down their pasts in order to find their way through this crazy uphill battle called love.
They’ve let love in, but now, they need to find out how to Let Love Stay.

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