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Dare to Rock
by Carly Phillips
Fans adore him, women throw themselves at him, and Grey Kingston can afford everything he couldn’t growing up. Yet at the height of his career, he’s ready to walk away and return home to a simpler life… and the girl he left behind. Once home, he finds Avery Dare, is now a fiery, sexy woman, and she isn’t ready to forgive. Still, Grey is determined to rock his way back into her life … and her bed.

Finding Sky
by Susan O'Brien
PRICE: $0.99
Suburban widow and P.I. in training Nicki Valentine can barely keep track of her two kids, never mind anyone else. But when her best friend’s adoption plan is jeopardized by the young birth mother’s disappearance, Nicki is persuaded to help. Nearly everyone else believes the teenager ran away, but Nicki trusts her BFF’s judgment, and the feeling is mutual.
The case leads where few moms go (teen parties, gang shootings) and places they can’t avoid (preschool parties, OB-GYNs’ offices). Nicki has everything to lose and much to gain — including the attention of her unnervingly hot P.I. instructor. Thankfully, Nicki is armed with her pesky conscience, occasional babysitters, a fully stocked minivan, and nature’s best defense system: women’s intuition.

Road Blocked
by Renee Pawlish
PRICE: $0.99
A dead body on a beach in Tahiti. A Medicare scam. A doctor who believes hired killers are after him. It’s all part of Denver private investigator Reed Ferguson’s latest case, where he matches wits with a dangerous adversary who will stop at nothing short of murder. Working with his wife Willie, and his quirky friends, Reed must unearth a killer before he becomes the next victim.

Road Blocked is a suspense-filled mystery, with a Bogie-wannabe detective, a dose of humor, and a clever homage to film noir. From the award-wining author of This Doesn't Happen In The Movies.

Great for fans who love a fast-paced, humorous read, without a lot of swearing or sex.

Twelve Nights
by Sharon Struth
For Erik Lindholm, it’s been a long climb to the top of his company. Now, as president he has the power to bring his vision to life and speed his company in bold new directions. If that means a complete staff overhaul, so be it. If that means firing the woman who left his heart in tatters fifteen years earlier, it’s a business decision, not personal…
Beryl Foster is highly competent and respected by everyone at the office. But rumors of a big shake-up are rampant and—surprisingly, scarily—Beryl’s job as CFO is on the line. Fifteen years ago she made a decision to put her career before everything else. It was also the last time she and Erik shared a life together. Every Christmas is a reminder. This one could be a second chance…

And Then There Were None
by Agatha Christie
PRICE: $1.99
Ten people, each with something to hide and something to fear, are invited to a lonely mansion on Indian Island by a host who, surprisingly, fails to appear. On the island they are cut off from everything but each other and the inescapable shadows of their own past lives. One by one, the guests share the darkest secrets of their wicked pasts. And one by one, they die…

Some Like It Hot
by Leighann Dobbs
PRICE: $0.99
Nick Bradford is banking everything on winning the Sweetrock chili contest. He needs the grand prize money to save the restaurant that has been in his family for three generations. Nick's chili is known to be the best in the county, so this hometown cooking cowboy figures he's got the contest tied up ... until city slicker chef Sam Dunn shows up and tries to steal the win right out from under him. Nick's not going to let that happen, even if she is prettier than a Montana sunset.

Sam Dunn has moved around her whole life. She longs to put down roots in Boston and establish herself as a top notch chef ... until she loses her job and her apartment. When her best friend from college tells her about the local chili contest with the lucrative prize money, Sam sees a way to get some seed money to start a restaurant of her own. She can't get distracted by hunky cowboy Nick Bradford, even if he is hotter than a jalapeƱo pepper. Besides, she's not staying on Montana, and short term flings aren't her thing.

But the chili isn't the only thing heating up in Sweetrock, and soon Nick realizes there might be more to lose than the prize money-he could also lose his heart. Can he come up with a way to save the restaurant and show Sam what 'home' really means?

Dead Man's Curve
by Jack Patterson
Sometimes the rumors are true ….

In the hills of Kentucky, the people of Millersville lead a charmed life thanks to the city’s biggest employer Lee Creek Distilleries and its sly CEO Wilfred Lee. But when things go sideways one night, the town’s favorite son, Kentucky basketball recruit Josh Hood, becomes a prime murder suspect.

When Atlanta reporter Cal Murphy and his wife Kelly make a stop in Millersville as a favor to a family friend to find out what’s really going on, the powers that be frown on the attention. It doesn’t take long before Cal and Kelly rile up the town and its corrupt law enforcement — and they find themselves fighting for their lives and livelihood in the pursuit of not only the truth but also justice.

Blackhawk: Far Stars Legends I
by Jay Allan
PRICE: $0.99
Blackhawk. A wanderer, a man running from a dark and sinister past. A genetically-engineered warrior, a capable and accomplished killer, he is also a lost soul, a man who has fled to the deepest reaches of space seeking his true identity.

The Far Stars. The farthest extent of human habitation in the galaxy, a sector of a hundred inhabited worlds, it is a dangerous expanse full of pirates, mercenaries, and cutthroats. The sector is a rough and rugged frontier, lying beyond the darkness of the great Void, and the only place in all the vastness of space where men live free of the brutal empire that rules the rest of mankind.

Celtiboria. Once the premier world in the Far Stars, now a planet wracked by centuries of brutal civil war, driven to the edge of a dark age by the unending struggle among its Warlords for power and control.

Augustin Lucerne. One of Celtiboria’s feuding Warlords, a brilliant tactician and a respected commander. Lucerne is something rare on Celtiboria, in all of the Far Stars…an honorable man who fights not for personal aggrandizement but to save his world.

When Blackhawk meets Lucerne he comes to a stark choice. He can continue on his way, a drifter wandering from world to world, alone and without purpose. Or he can join with Lucerne, fight at the Warlord’s side in desperate battle for survival. But whatever he chooses, he will have to face the demons that have pursued him across the stars, the dark version of himself that still lives deep within his mind.

Blackhawk is a prequel to the Far Stars series, set twenty years before the existing books. For those who have read the Far Stars trilogy, this is the origin story of Arkarin Blackhawk. And for those who have not read the existing Far Stars series, Blackhawk is an ideal place to start.

Mail Order Bride: Jenny's Discovery
by Annie Boone
PRICE: $0.99
Jennifer's life was a mess, though not because she'd been reckless. Her parents died unexpectedly and she was running out of money and options. She'd spent much of her youth learning to play the piano and it was her passion. Since she'd spent so much time with lessons and playing at church, she didn't have skills that could help her find a job when she needed it.

Trouble in Sudden Falls
by Elizabeth Bemis
They say you can never go home.

But Maddie O’Callaghan doesn’t have much choice. When her freak of an ex-husband steals her job, her life and her sanity, Maddie finds herself with nowhere to go but back. Back to the small shop her mother is giving her six months to make profitable or she’ll be on the street again. Back to the town that abandoned her over her high-school mistakes. Back to her lifetime crush who turned her down. That last one was, admittedly, the worst, because Eli Redmond never turned any woman down. To have a chance with her, though, Eli knows he needs to clean up his womanizing ways and fast, since Maddie’s dead-set against trusting anyone as smooth-talking as Eli.

When Eli’s high-school girlfriend drops Rogan, the seventeen-year-old son he never knew he had, on his doorstep, his problems only seem to get worse. Rogan is distrustful of Eli’s attempts to build a friendship, and the boy is the closest thing to the Anti-Christ that Sudden Falls has ever seen.

Maddie wants to trust that Eli will do the right thing, Rogan’s trusting that he won’t and all Eli knows is that trusting his heart may just be the most dangerous gamble of all.

Once A Wife
by Patricia Keelyn
PRICE: $0.99
At seventeen, Sarah Colby had been scared and desperate.

Her marriage to Reece Colby was faltering. They were nearly destitute and their infant son, Drew, needed on-going medical care they couldn’t afford. Sarah felt her world crumpling around her. Then her mother-in-law, Elizabeth, offered Sarah a solution. Elizabeth would make certain Drew got the medical attention he needed if Sarah would walk away from her husband and son. Believing she had no other option, Sarah accepted Elizabeth’s offer—though leaving them was the hardest thing she’d ever done.

Now, twelve years later, Sarah's still questions that decision. So when she learns that Drew's in trouble, she knows it's time to break her agreement with Elizabeth. Drew needs the mother he’s never known and Sarah needs to help her son. But how can she face Reece after deserting him? And what will happen when he finds out about Lyssa, the daughter he doesn't know he has?

I Spy Dead People
by Jennifer Fischetto
PRICE: $0.99
Horror movie and junk food junkie, fifteen-year-old Piper Grimaldi wishes for three things:
1. to help her true crime novelist father solve a mystery,
2. to settle down and make one town their home, and
3. to have a social life, which includes a BFF and a boyfriend (even if she's not allowed to date for another year).

It looks like her dreams will come true when on the first day in Hollow Ridge, MA, she befriends her next-door neighbor, mauls a cute boy, and spies on teen soap star, Linzy Quinn. But then the boy rejects her kiss, and Piper finds Linzy's dead body. To make worse (as if that's possible), Linzy's ghost appears, in full color, and won't leave Piper alone.

Piper desperately wants to help Linzy move into that darn light, but Linzy's more interested in seeking revenge on all the people she believes did her wrong...including the person who killed her. If Piper can't find her killer, she just may be the next true crime victim of Hollow Ridge.

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