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The Cowboy Inherits a Bride
by Cora Seton
When Sunshine Patterson loses her Chicago home, job and boyfriend in one day, she needs a backup plan, fast. Luckily her Aunt Cecily has provided her with the perfect combination living and restaurant space to start over. Even though the building is located in small town Chance Creek, Montana, Sunshine is certain it’s only a matter of time before she’s back to take the big city by storm. When she arrives in Chance Creek, however, she gets a surprise. Her restaurant space—and apartment—are occupied by a rival to her inheritance: the incredibly sexy, incredibly wrong for her, Cole Linden.

Cole’s been struggling to save his family’s holdings for far too long. The indoor rifle range he inherited from his father barely pays its rent, but it’s all that’s keeping his other concerns—two apartment houses—afloat. If he was smart, he’d walk away from all of it and start over, but if he does, several dozen of Chance Creek’s inhabitants will find themselves without a home. He thought Cecily meant to leave him the range building in her will. Instead she’s set him up in a four-month-long competition with her big-city niece to see who will win the place. A niece whose knockout looks are making it damn hard for him to concentrate on the job at hand.

Sunshine can’t believe she’ll have to open a vegan restaurant in a rifle-range waiting room, and she can’t believe she’ll have to share her apartment with Cole, either. Cole can’t believe his friends are falling over themselves to help Sunshine succeed—and get a date with her.

Now the competition is getting hot, but the sparks flying between them are even hotter. Can Cole and Sunshine find a way they both can win?

Tesla: A Steampunk/Cyberpunk Adventure
by Mark Lingane
One thousand years have passed since nuclear war wiped out civilization in the northern hemisphere. The planet slowly heats and water becomes a rare resource. Out of the ruins of a devastated civilization rises a new breed of people - those with the power to control magnetism. Teslas

Sebastian, a young orphan boy from a quiet rural town, is being hunted by strange part-machine, part-human people. His only hope is Melanie, an angry, dying teenage girl who is dragged into the adventure and sets out to deliver him to the Steam Academy, even if it's just to stop him talking. Seb must confront an unknown past and fight against everything he believed in. And occasionally wash his hair.

No one said it would be easy.

The Atomic Sea
by Jack Conner
Dr. Francis Avery drowns his memories in whiskey. Years after the Empire of Octung killed his family, his only drives are alcohol and fighting back. While aboard a military whaling ship far out on the eerie Atomic Sea, a series of murders forces him to track down the killer.
As if this weren’t enough, a mysterious woman named Layanna is pulled from the toxic, lightning-wreathed depths of the water. Though it’s impossible, she’s alive and she has a secret: she’s the only one who can stop Octung. And she’ll need Avery’s help to accomplish her mission. If they fail, the entire world will fall under Octung’s bloodthirsty, murderous shadow.

by H Rider Haggard
On the occasion of his twenty-fifth birthday, Leo Vincey opens the locked iron box that is his birthright and finds an ancient potsherd. Following clues engraved on the relic, Vincey and the man who raised him, Cambridge professor Horace Holly, embark on a remarkable adventure that will take them from Victorian England to an uncharted region in East Africa. Surviving shipwreck, disease, and hostile natives, they discover a lost civilization no European has ever encountered—or lived to describe. They have entered the realm of the cruel and beautiful Ayesha, known to those who worship her as “She-who-must-be-obeyed.” For two thousand years, the white queen has been waiting—for what, Vincey and Holly are about to find out.

Three Days Breathing
by Mike Maguire
Corim Colleran is born into a cold and sterile world. In tiny apartments, meager meals are delivered through chutes in the cupboards. In robot-run schools, sexual development is cultivated with clinical precision. No one can leave their corner of the city. No one can change the course of their predetermined days, or the length of their preset lifespans.

The only real thing Corim can choose is the woman he loves, but the life he builds with her is torn apart by a violent encounter with one of society’s elites. Corim goes down a twisted path where he discovers the answers to his lifelong questions about the system ruling him. He also discovers the will to fight it.

The gripping story of Three Days Breathing combines a classic sci-fi aesthetic with modern takes on love, loss, and individualism. Readers should be advised it contains adult themes and moderate violence.

by Eric J Gates
What's the most dangerous gift a fan could send to an author? And if that fan was a professional assassin?

New York-based writer Nic Stiles receives a strange package in the mail. It's not long before he realises what it represents will change his life... with deadly consequences. Others want the package's contents too, including a high-tech Intelligence agency who will stop at nothing to obtain it.
...and the sender wants it back!

Murder in the Lowcountry--The River
by Janet Cooper
Stranded at the altar is every girl’s secret nightmare. When it happens to Taylor Harris, she is sure a dreadful accident has kept Rod from joining her. Living in the Lowcountry, Taylor understands problems can occur on the river, and a fishing trip can change in an instant from fun to trouble. She joins the search for her missing fiancĂ©e, but what Taylor discovers fractures her life.
Jeff Benjamin has been in love with Taylor almost forever. Reluctantly, Jeff accepts Taylor regards him as a big brother. Unable to compete, he watches his once best friend, Rod Pinckney entrap her. How does he tell her Rod’s not a knight in shining armor? If what Jeff suspects is true, his information might break her heart or worse cost him her friendship.
Taylor and Jeff have more than hungry alligators to deal with as they strive to uncover the secrets to Rod’s disappearance. But when the bodies are discovered …

by Will Swardstrom & Paul K swardstrom
Although the Collins clan is steeped in Appalachian magic, Henry has never paid it much attention. But when his younger sister dies mysteriously Henry can't shake the feeling that the decades-old feud between his family and another is to blame.

You see, some people have forgotten about the old energy that permeates Appalachia's darkest hollows.

Some people have not.

The Princess Diaries
by Meg Cabot
What? A princess??
Me??? Yeah, right.
Mia Thermopolis is pretty sure there's nothing worse than being a five-foot-nine, flat-chested freshman, who also happens to be flunking Algebra.
Is she ever in for a surprise.
First Mom announces that she's dating Mia's Algebra teacher. Then Dad has to go and reveal that he is the crown prince of Genovia. And guess who still doesn't have a date for the Cultural Diversity Dance?

Billionaire Shifters in Manhattan
by Lexy Cole
Bartender Fiona Carmichael's world turns upside down when Logan Parker walks into her bar. It's instant chemistry for both of them. But there's a problem. Fiona is a fairly new vampire. She's still getting to know her role in the paranormal world, and Logan is a werewolf, a coy-wolf shifter to be specific. Vampires and shifters are not allowed to be together. It is very much against the rules.
Logan is also one of four billionaire brothers that run a conglomerate that includes a software company with a hot new release. There's also a rival pack that runs their own company with a similar product and tensions are high. Between warring packs and black and white rules forbidding their relationship, can Fiona and Logan find a way to be together?

No Direction Home
by Jude Willhoff
No Direction Home is about a woman who has lost everything that matters, an orphaned thirteen-year-old boy nobody wants and a charming ex-con.

Grace Sanders lost her health to a debilitating disease and her husband to another woman. Experimental surgery gave her back her health, but couldn't repair her heart. Only time will heal the damage left behind by an unfaithful man so Grace throws herself into a new project to save her trusting grandmother from being preyed on by a charming ex-con.

Convicted of a crime he didn't commit, Seth Taylor lost everything that mattered to him, years with his daughter and the belief he'll never love again. Released from prison, he finds a job as a ranch foreman at the Cactus Rose Ranch in Cedar Falls, Colorado. His widowed boss refuses to let growing old destroy her dreams for her granddaughter and she believes in second chances.

Patch 17
by G Akella
A new update arrives to the ultra-popular online game, Realm of Arkon. With Patch 17, the level of immersion experienced by players in their gaming capsules has made virtual reality indistinguishable from the real world. But every gamer's dream becomes a nightmare for Roman Kozhevnikov after he gets confined to Arkon against his will. And not just to Arkon, but to its deadliest zone--Demon Grounds. Playing, or rather living as his character Krian, it's not just about survival for Roman. He longs to exact revenge for his banishment to the virtual world where the sensation of pain has reached one hundred percent...

Full Moon Falling Faster
by P Mattern & M Mattern
In the third book of Full Moon Series changes in weather, global politics, and governmental security measures become a trifecta for major paradigm shifts in the U.S. A turncoat vampire rogue exposes the existence of the Vampire Net and the government acts against what they term the "Resident Non Aliens".

As a nationwide program of 'chipping' US Citizens with RFID devices is implemented, freedom fighting humans turn to a formerly unthinkable source of strength and protection.

The Vampires.

by Amy Sumida
Would you like to hear a real fairy tale? A story about the war between us and them. A war which led to a truce and a truce which led to the creation of a secret society. There are councils you know nothing about, councils of fairies and of humans who write laws which govern us both. Laws you also know nothing about yet still you are held accountable to them. If you break these laws, the Wild Hunt of Fairy will come for you but don't worry too much, it's hard to break laws concerning things you don't believe in. Fairies tend to break the truce more than humans and that's where I come in. I'm part of a military force who monitors the fey. When they cross the line, we extinguish their light... permanently. I'm Extinguisher Seren Sloane and I can tell you a real fairy's tale, if you're brave enough to listen.

by Elle Casey & Amanda McKeon
Former college roommates Erin and Ridlee leave Boston for Ireland to track down an inheritance, and end up at a matchmaking festival in Lisdoonvarna. Ridlee's a newly minted attorney, and Erin's part owner of the Pot O' Gold Pub, hoping to buy out her new, mysterious partner, some old Irish guy she'd never heard of before the reading of her late grandmother's will. It seemed like it would be an easy thing to do: show up, find the bloke, and make him an offer … But the magic that is Ireland and the people who speak the lilting Irish brogue are as unpredictable as the weather, and things get a little more complicated than the girls anticipated when the town's legendary matchmaker pulls out his leather-bound book and proposes two matches …

The Osiris Revelations
by A J Marshall
Lieutenant Commander Richard James Reece is the survey leader for Osiris Base, a permanent encampment on Mars. The year is 2049. There is also a longer established and larger base on the Moon, called Andromeda. Richard Reece is a former military and space shuttle pilot, having previously served on Andromeda Wing; he is British. Appointed to Mars for three years, he envisaged a quiet, uncluttered time. Two things happened, however, that would subsequently change his life forever: meeting Doctor Rachel Turner, Osiris Base Principal Medical Officer, and finding, in the wreckage of a remote, long abandoned alien spaceship, a flight log. The writings in the log bear an uncanny resemblance to those of earth’s ancient civilisations. Richard Reece studies the text and succeeds in deciphering it. Close to the wreckage, Reece also finds a number of strange, fractured, crystals. They contain latent energy of enormous potential. Knowledge of the discovery, and its implications, soon reaches earth and not only the government agencies for which it was intended, but also unscrupulous, corrupt, multinational conglomerates. Their aim: to gain possession of the crystals, harness their electricity-generating potential and hold the world to ransom. The race is on . . .

Earth’s natural resources are almost exhausted. Anxious governments press into service an experimental spaceship before it is ready. Capable of incredible speeds, the "Enigma" reduces a Mars retrieval flight to mere weeks. However, its highly sophisticated systems computer EMILY, has another agenda. Major Tom Race, an American and the ship’s commander becomes embroiled in a prophetic struggle against synthetic intelligence. Misplaced trust and eventual betrayal allow the International Space and Science Federation to secure the first valuable consignments of crystals, but impatience and political conceit degrade their potential. Now the remaining crystals must be retrieved from Mars. The race sees new competitors, but there can only be one winner.

A Heart in Jeopardy
by Holly Newman
She risked her life for honor...
And risked her heart for love.

For Leona Leonard and Nigel Deveraux duty to one's family went without question. But when Leona rescues a Deveraux family member from kidnappers and the kidnappers swear vengeance, Leona's and Nigel's concepts of duty clash in this lively Regency mystery romance.

The Eyes of the Dead
by Greg James
Vampires are loose in the trenches of the First World War.

Passchendaele, 1917. Private Reg Wilson is a man with a name but no memories. A soldier who remembers nothing of life before the fighting began. Until he comes to Black Wood, a tainted place that knows him intimately. There, he will discover a darkness buried long ago by time and dust. An appetite that has been awoken by war. A hunger that will feed upon his blood, his regrets and his worst fears. It will show him what he has forgotten. It will show him nightmare made flesh. And, before he dies, it will make him look deep into the eyes of the dead.

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