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The Girl With Nine Lives
by E Earle
Teen & Young Adult
Fondness of rum? Check. Job heading nowhere? Check. Mastermind criminal boss discovering you have unravelled their plot? Check. Talking cat with an addiction to catnip deciding to take control of the situation? Check. Welcome to the lives and adventures of the ginger moggy Ben and his human, Ellie.

Ellena Blackwell is your average woman- desperate to make the best of her Degree and failing miserably. Falling into such a hole of self-pity, even her cat, Ben, is sick of her and tells her to snap out of it.

And that's when Ellena realises she has a talking cat, and he's not going to go away anytime soon.

Having a devious crime boss as Principal to the college she works at, Ellena discovers a dangerous secret that the Head Office would very much rather that she didn't know. Deciding to take control of her life, Ellena enlists the help of Ben to investigate as soon as her friend goes missing.
But Detective Calloway is determined to get involved, and Ellena soon learns that Ben isn't the only one who thinks he has nine lives.

Mrs. Kaplan and the Matzoh Ball of Death
by Mark Reutlinger
PRICE: $0.99
Literature & Fiction
Everyone knows that Rose Kaplan makes the best matzoh ball soup around—she’s a regular matzoh ball maven—so it’s no surprise at the Julius and Rebecca Cohen Home for Jewish Seniors when, once again, Mrs. K wins the honor of preparing the beloved dish for the Home’s seder on the first night of Passover.
But when Bertha Finkelstein is discovered facedown in her bowl of soup, her death puts a bit of a pall on the rest of the seder. And things go really meshugge when it comes out that Bertha choked on a diamond earring earlier stolen from resident Daisy Goldfarb. Suddenly Mrs. K is the prime suspect in the police investigation of both theft and murder. Oy vey—it’s a recipe for disaster, unless Rose and her dear friend Ida can summon up the chutzpah to face down the police and solve the mystery themselves.

Trusting the One
by Rochelle French
PRICE: $0.99
Literature & Fiction
When Lia Sawyer realizes she’s ready to move beyond her abusive past and start dating again, there’s just one problem: she’s still afraid of being touched by a man. Because of that, rumor around town is that she’s frigid. Her solution? Ask her friend Jack Gibson for help. After all, he’s one of her best friends—a man she’s always trusted.

Jack fell in love with his best friend’s younger sister years ago, although he kept that to himself when she married her high school boyfriend. But Lia’s been a widow for two years now and it’s time he asked her out. Only when she comes to him with a bizarre request—give her lessons on how to be touched by a man so she can date one of Meadowview’s hot firefighters—his entire plan is thwarted.

Reluctantly, Jack agrees to Lia’s plan but secretly creates one of his own: during the course of their “lessons,” he’ll make sure she falls in love—with him. But it will take fire and ice to break through Lia’s emotional barriers, and Jack is running out of time…

by Karolyn Cairns
Vivvie Collins was only there for the cheddar biscuits. A blind date at Red Lobster turns ugly and she is marked by an ancient beast out of spite for her rejection. Soon her roommate goes missing, every stray cat in the neighborhood is crawling over her patio, and she develops some serious issues of her own.
The creature that stalks her isn't going anywhere. He returns nightly to mark his territory. She has no idea what is planned for her until a strange man arrives. Disbelief and terror combine as she faces the fact she has been infected by one of his tribesmen, his kinsmen named Ryken.
Ty is one of five ancient Indians cursed by a demon of the Spirit World. He shifts into a black panther with the power of sight, forever trapped between both worlds, part human and part beast. He has only one soul left from the nine he was born with. He is determined to kill the one who bit her, even if it means leaving Vivvie.
Vivvie is terrified to know what she is turning into. Going into heat and chasing her food is the least of her problems. She is believed dead, can never go home, never see her family and friends again. Arriving at an underground retreat, she is feared and hated by the tribe, an outsider.
The leader of the tribe, Elijah, sees Vivvie as a nuisance, a breeder that could already complicate their growing population numbers. He lets her stay against his better judgment. Soon, he is as intrigued as Ty with the Newbreed and her strange powers.
The beast that marked Vivvie is coming back for her, a threat to their very way of life

Hometown Love
by Christina Tetreault
Literature & Fiction
Everyone in North Salem thinks they know Jessie Quinn. She is the town’s quintessential girl next door. The woman you can always turn to when you need a helping hand. Nobody knows that she’s spent years overcoming the emotional scars left by her last boyfriend.

As a single dad and task force officer with the FBI, Mack Ellsbury moves back to North Salem to be closer to his family, not to find love. Then Jessie Quinn returns to his life. Soon Mack no longer sees Jessie as the quiet girl he once tutored in high school but rather the woman he is falling in love with.

Mack’s love helps Jessie erase the scars she’s carried around for so long, but when his ex-wife decides she wants reconciliation, their relationship is put in jeopardy.

Beside Still Waters
by Tricia Goyer
PRICE: $0.99
Religious & Inspirational Fiction
Raised among the Amish of Indiana, 18-year-old Marianna Sommer plans to get baptized into the church, marry Aaron Zook, and set up life in the only community she has ever known. But when her older brother chooses the world’s path following his rumschpringe, and a younger sibling begins showing interest in Englisch ways, Marianna’s parents move the family to Montana.

Although she is also in her rumschpringe years and not obligated to move, Marianna makes the journey to dutifully help her mother who is expecting another child. Surprisingly, from strangers on the cross-country train ride to the less rigid stance of the new Montana community, many Englisch influences awaken within Marianna—and even her father—the desire to pursue a deeper kind of joy and love for God.

After an accident, Marianna tells her friend Ben a defining story about the Sommer family, and his response further illumines the active relationship God seeks with His followers. In due time, she learns the move from Indiana was not about losing anything, but finding out who God really is. Despite all the shake-ups, Marianna feels a sweet peace, like still waters, in her soul.

Viking Claim
by Sky Purington
PRICE: $0.99
Historical Romance
Veronica tries to cope with losing her sister but is drawn to everything that seemingly took Megan away. A magical stone. Rune staves. A Viking king. The far distant past. It all seems too impossible to believe. Until she slides down a snow swept hill near Maine’s, Raven’s Nest cliffs straight into a reality she never could have imagined.

Of dragon blood and brother to the king, Raknar Sigdir ‘the hunter’ is determined to welcome any woman from the future if it means he can conquer anew for his people. For those he cares about most. However, Veronica, the irresistible woman thrust back in time, soon has his mind less on loot and more on all the things he forgot about himself.

Honor. Decency. Pride. The ability to love.

A pact with the seers hangs in the balance when a ninth century Viking gives in to his heart to protect a modern day woman from a sworn, powerful enemy…his former wife. Rash actions mean an uncertain outcome. A new fate unfolds. An ultimatum is given. A claim must be made. Now all that lies ahead is a challenge that might very well mean the loss of an unparalleled passion found across time.

Brothers at Hand
by Jonathan Palma
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Brothers at Hand, Braking Grounds, Is the first volume of more yet to come. This Story will submerge your thoughts deep into a universe filled with questions and ideas, truth and deceit. The story does not only take place on planet Earth, but also in space as the main characters go from having a 'normal' life, to a quite, more adventurous life. The story is told from one main character's point of view, but all characters, are key characters.This story is entirely made up and started from a simple dream, one that changed as I grew older and as I wrote on notebook for hours thinking and coming up with ideas as well as educating myself in the process. I wish to dedicate this to my friends and family, and those who believed in me, thank you. I wish to entertain you and that is exactly what I am going to accomplish. This, Is only the beginning...
As you read, you will notice what I like to call 'dreams.' These dreams, within chapters as well as transitioned from a main point of view to a more general form of reading. Could this dreams mean something? Could they be, visions of the future to come or could they all just be part of a young boy's imagination? What will they find in their adventure, what secrets will they discover?
Find out. ;)
On B.A.H!

The Fifth Hour
by Angie West
Broken Dreams...
After receiving the bad news about their foundation, the Scotts decide it makes more sense to tear down and rebuild. It is then that the activity starts. Things that would challenge everything they believe in and test the family's resolve in ways they hadn't counted on.

Broken Promises...
Enter Chris and Ginger Malhaven of Atlanta, Georgia. Chris, a paranormal-fanatic-turned-renowned-investigator, and Ginger, a spitfire who's determined to forget about the man who broke her heart in high school.

Lives Intertwined.
But if Ginger thought avoiding her determined ex-boyfriend and helping her brother solve the Scotts' case would be easy, she was dead wrong. Fate, it would seem, has other plans. A two-week mid-summer investigation is about to reunite a family and give Ginger a second chance at love-if she's bold enough to take it.

Jumping Ship
by Janice Ross
Contemporary Fiction
The year was nineteen seventy-five. Barren couple, Pearl and Edward Riley stumbled upon a newborn baby girl. Her cries could only be heard by a true mother, which Pearl immediately became. Bundled up with their new child, they discovered a parcel of artifacts and a scribbled note that read: Sakkara. Pregnant seamstress, Petrina Dugal, became a runaway at the age of twenty-six. She ran away from a brutish husband, Roger, and a well-loved South American home in Georgetown, Guyana; at the heart of her rebellion – an enigmatic lover named Michael Chen. Pet and Mikey, as they became affectionately known, allowed love to blossom in front of her police officer husband and an intrusive community. Were they not aware of the dangers? Or did the pursuit of love trump obligations?

Sakkara Riley grew up with two loving parents – adoptive parents to be exact. She never knew the circumstances surrounding her discovery, until the age of sixteen. She embarks on a journey.

Schrodinger's Gat
by Robert Kroese
PRICE: $0.99
Science Fiction
Schrodinger's Gat is a quantum physics noir thriller.

Paul Bayes has begun to feel like all of his actions are dictated by forces beyond his control. But when his suicide attempt is foiled by a mysterious young woman named Tali, Paul begins to wonder if the future is really as bleak as it seems. Tali possesses a strange power: the ability to predict tragedies and prevent them from happening. The possibility of breaking free from the grip of fate gives Paul hope. But when Tali disappears, Paul begins to realize that altering the future isn’t as easy as it seems: you can fight the future, but the future fights back.

The Confliction
by M R Mathias
PRICE: $0.99
The Confliction - Dragoneer Saga III, is the thrilling conclusion to the "Full Confliction" cycle of Dragoneer Saga books. In this episode, The Dragoneers face the Sarax that were loosed in Book II - Cold Hearted Son of a Witch, as well as the rogue druids of Dou, and something else that no one, not even the remaining Hazeltine Witches expect.

Wild aerial antics, powerful magical attacks, and a final conflict that ends in a breathtaking climax are just some of the thrills that await readers in this installment of the International Bestselling Dragoneer Saga.

Don't blink your eyes, watch your back, and no matter what you do: HOLD ON TO YOUR DRAGON!

Andaman Sea
by R W Magill
On the mean streets of a sweltering Cambodian slum, a penniless mother of five makes a horrifying and fateful decision. In a desperate bid to save her family from foreclosure and homelessness, she agrees to sell her fifteen-year-old daughter to human traffickers. A mob enforcer has been dispatched from Bangkok to bring the innocent young girl to her new masters, who are anxious to resell her into a life of prostitution and sexual subjugation.

And on the high seas, a lunatic sea captain commands a fishing vessel manned by a ragtag crew of modern day slaves. The captain is beholden to his owners, and he will do anything to achieve his ends. Delivering the young girl to a buyer in Malaysia is a golden opportunity to turn a quick profit.

The captain, the girl, and the gangster will find their fates entwined on the watery expanse of the Andaman Sea, where outcomes are unsure and the stakes couldn’t possibly be higher. One thing is certain: not everyone who embarks on their dark journey is destined to return.

Inspired by actual events, ANDAMAN SEA is an action-packed thriller that will immerse the reader in a shadowy world where trust comes at a premium, death comes easy, and the price of a human life is always negotiable…

Justice Overdue
by Rayven T Hill
PRICE: $0.99
Crime Fiction
Private investigators Jake and Annie Lincoln make plans to take a break away from their hectic schedule and relax. The family’s goal of a peaceful weekend spirals into chaos when an escaped convict creates havoc and threatens the lives of everyone around him.

The trail of destruction leads from a sleepy town to the untamed northern wilderness, where the Lincolns’ own lives are endangered by the most unpredictable creature of all, the ruthless and inhumane Varick Lucas.

The Haberman Virus
by Phillip Strang
Science Fiction
A remote and isolated village in the Hindu Kush mountain range in North Eastern Afghanistan is wiped out by a virus unlike any seen before.

A mysterious visitor checks his handiwork clad in a space suit, an American female doctor succumbs to the disease, and the woman sent to trap the person responsible, falls in love with the man that would be responsible for the death of millions.

Sam Haberman, a naturalised American citizen, Israeli-born Jew and a pre-eminent scientist in his country of adoption, is a brilliant virologist and geneticist. He is seen as moderate and charismatic, a successful ladies’ man, acclaimed by his peers, but he shields a secret. He is neither moderate nor Jewish.

A mysterious Sheik has mentored Haberman after the death of his parents during an Israeli bombing at a cousin’s wedding in the Gaza. It was he who had directed Haberman’s move to America as a Jew. He had seen the hope that Samir Habash, the Israeli-born Muslim Arab, soon to become Sam Haberman, would provide the solution to the plight of the Palestinians.

Sam Haberman realised the virus he had genetically enhanced, on the orders the American President, had given him the means to force the Israelis to redress the imbalance of the occupier and the occupied.

He had not forgiven the Jews, he hated them, and now he had the solution. Millions were doomed to die in the madness to ensue, and only Steve Case and his team could stop Haberman as he moved across three continents. In the end, there was only one person who could kill him – the woman he loved and who loved him.

Radio Silence
by Alyssa Cole
PRICE: $0.99
Science Fiction & Fantasy
No one expects the apocalypse.
Arden Highmore was living your average postgrad life in Rochester, New York, when someone flipped the “off” switch on the world. No cell phones, no power, no running water—and no one knows why. All she and her roommate, John, know for sure is that they have to get out, stat. His family’s cabin near the Canadian border seemed like the safest choice.
It turns out isolation doesn’t necessarily equal safety.

When scavengers attack, it’s John’s ridiculously handsome brother, Gabriel, who comes to the rescue. He saves Arden’s life, so he can’t be all bad…but he’s also a controlling jerk who treats her like an idiot. Now their parents are missing and it seems John, Gabriel, their kid sister, Maggie, and Arden are the only people left alive who aren’t bloodthirsty maniacs.
No one knows when—or if—the lights will come back on and, in the midst of all that, Arden and Gabriel are finding that there’s a fine line indeed between love and hate. How long can they expect to last in this terrifying new world, be it together or apart?

Phoenix: Book One of The Stardust Series
by Autumn Reed & Julia Clarke
Teen & Young Adult
All Haley Jones wants for her eighteenth birthday is answers. Thanks to an overprotective dad and a secluded existence in the Sierra Nevada wilderness, Haley has never experienced a typical life. Her dad claims there’s a good reason for their isolation, but he refuses to tell her why, delaying her questions with the promise of answers when she turns eighteen. That day has finally arrived, but the explanation raises more questions than answers. And when Haley wishes for the chance to explore the world, she finds that the old adage rings true—be careful what you wish for.

Gilding the Lily-pad
by Elle Lothlorien
PRICE: $0.99
Romantic Comedy
It was her quirkiness that did it. Five minutes after being assaulted with her shoe at the wake of a total stranger, Roman Habsburg von Lorraine, pretender to the long-since-abolished Austrian throne, decides it’s worth crashing the funeral the next day to pursue the beautiful but quirky Leigh Fromm. Despite being more than eligible to marry into any royal European family that will have him, Roman’s passing interest in Leigh very quickly turns into infatuation. But when a parliamentary motion in Austria throws him head-first into a role he never anticipated, he finds that his romantic relationships—past and present—have suddenly become a matter of state. Desperate to protect Leigh, Roman keeps her in the dark about his abrupt change of fortune—a strategy that he knows won’t work forever. Can their feelings for each other survive what’s quickly becoming a royal mess?

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