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Lies Come True
by Emerald O'Brien
Mystery & Thriller
Avery Hart narrowly escapes death after being attacked in the woods of Crown River.
Ten years later...
The body of a young woman is discovered along the path of a park in the same town. The killer is cunning and ruthless, but even the best killers make mistakes.
Fiona Wolfe, the second woman to be attacked, survives and reveals a potential link between the current killer and the attack on Avery Hart.
Noah Cotter, an ambitious new inspector, becomes drawn to the case when his curiosity combines with his attraction to Avery.
The dangerous search for truth appears to be muddied with each shocking secret brought to light, as Avery, Fiona, and Noah realize that when someone is deceived for too long, sometimes...
Lies Come True

Mr. January
by Ann Roth
Literature & Fiction
Adam Healey wants a promotion at Guff’s Lake Fire Department, which will finally earn him the respect of his dying father. Single mom Samantha Everett’s deadbeat ex left her to fend for herself and she’s struggling to support her young son. Neither Adam nor Samantha wants a relationship. But love has a way of surprising people …

Unraveling Molly
by Tuesday Embers
Molly Luco’s life isn’t what she had hoped for. Taking care of her abusive brother is just one of the many things threatening to hold her back. When a man from her past comes back into her world, Molly realizes that her carefully constructed mess might quickly become unraveled.

Until Morning Comes
by JT Sawyer
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Secret Service Agent Carlie Simmons began her day surrounded by trusted colleagues in an inter-agency shooting competition in Tucson. It ended with a staggering body count as the world around her unraveled from a deadly virus. With her mission to extract the President’s daughter from the University of Arizona gone awry, she must choose between her sworn duties and her moral obligations to others as the city is overtaken by roving packs of flesh-eating mutants. If she and her small group are to survive the night and find a way out of the ravaged city, she will have to summon all of her training, mental prowess, and tactical abilities.

Dragon Thief
by Marc Secchia
Kal was not a thief. He certainly did not intend to steal any dragon’s treasure.

He was an adventurer. Avid art collector. Incurable wealth adjuster and risk-taker. Kal had legendary expertise in the security arrangements of palaces and noble houses the world over. He hankered for remote, craggy mountaintops and the dragon hoards he might find hidden beneath them. Besides, what harm was there in looking? Dragon gold was so … shiny.

Most especially, he was not planning for any treasure to steal him.

That was a little awkward, to say the least.

Elementary Virtue: The Prophecy
by Sonja Wuthrich
Teen & Young Adult / Paranormal
Things look pretty bad for Gregory!
Everybody seems to be using him, but no one cares about how he is supposed to survive the Prophecy.
After he managed to escape from the Vultures leaving Leyla and his friends behind, more secrets are waiting for him in Sicily.
A grim magician enlightening him about his origins and another mysterious clan.
An amulet and an unexpected trip to Malta
Will he be able to solve the curse and fulfill the prophecy?
Will he manage to stay alive against the odds when it comes to the showdown at Mount Etna?
Will he ever get back to his normal life and see Leyla and his friends again?
Hardly ever!
All he needs is a miracle, but miracles are rare these days!

Out of the Shoebox
by Yaron Reshef
Biographies & Memoirs
A mysterious unexpected phone call hurls Yaron Reshef into an intensive two-year journey, during which he has to solve a mystery that took shape in the 1930s and gradually unfolded in the present. A mysterious lot, a forgotten bank account, a people long gone ”" along with their memory which were obliterated during the Holocaust. All of these rise to the surface, bearing with them memories and emotions previously hidden away in the shoebox.
Out of the Shoebox is a fascinating journal that reads like a detective story, comes across as an imaginative quest into the past, yet is the true personal story of the writer, Yaron Reshef.

Mythvolution Part 2: SNAFU!
by Vas Constanti
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Vincent Russell’s world is turned upside down when he and his animal menagerie learn from an unexpected source that the only way forward, is to believe in the tales of the past! Whilst they try to unravel the mystery of Creation, long forgotten identities are exposed and bonds are forged and broken. Mother Earth’s unimaginable secrets are revealed and what was once thought impossibly magical, appears to become as real, as life itself!
And all the while, someone and someone are just trying to rule the world!

Fire and Thunder: A Superhero Novel
by Bowen Greenwood
Fantasy / Paranormal
A terrifying vision of a city in flames drives a young team of heroes to choices they never imagined. Each has a power exactly like the stories of miracles from the Bible, but none of them knows how it happened or why. As they learn how to live with these gifts, their choices will drive some apart, and bring others together. United, they'll fight to save millions of lives as they discover what it takes to do right, the cost of doing wrong, and what it really means to be heroes. Sequel to the Amazon bestselling Christian fantasy novel Sons of Thunder, Fire and Thunder reunites the reader with Connor Merritt, Anna Wales, and other familiar characters while introducing new friends, new powers, and a nightmarish new threat.

The Dying & The Dead
by Jack Lewis
Fantasy / Paranormal
When people started eating each other, the government sent guns.

When the virus became airborne, they sent masks.

When it spread beyond their control, they gave up.

And when they found those who were immune, they hunted them.

Years after the virus claimed the mainland, the Capita seized power. They offer safety from the infection, and all they ask in return is your freedom. All they want is unswerving loyalty. All you have to give them is everything that makes you human.

Bounty hunters pursue the immune so they can sell their flesh. The Resistance conspire against the totalitarian regime. Isolated islands discover the horrors of the infection for the first time. Survivors, killers, protectors and pursuers, all try to survive in a world spiralling into hell.

Celtic Viking
by Lexy Timms
Historical Romance
No one gave Erik a choice as to whether he would fight or not. Duty to the crown belonged to him, his father's legacy remaining beyond the grave.

Taken by the beauty of the countryside surrounding her, Linzi would do anything to protect her father's land. Britain is under attack and Scotland is next. At a time she should be focused on suitors, the men of her country have gone to war and she's left to stand alone.

Love will become available, but will passion at the touch of the enemy unravel her strong hold first?

by Kelsey Lee Connors
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Chicago in 1922, reimagined. The city is ruled by a tyrannical energy company called The Corporation, the streets patrolled by the terrifying and corrupt Corp Bulls. Sixteen-year-old Evelyn O’Donnell takes karate lessons to defend herself in this dangerous dystopia, but she knows this is not enough. And when her father is mysteriously killed, it is a game changer.

Penniless but determined, she meets her brother’s friend, the charming and mischievous Black Jack player, Dante Malachi. Discovering a unique, magical power within herself, Evelyn and her new accomplice plot to sting the city’s speakeasies and avenge her father’s death.

But as the duo join the razzle-dazzle of Chicago’s underworld, Evelyn discovers her father had tried to protect her from the dark truth about this city and her past. And as they get involved with the mob, Evelyn knows she will have to do everything in her power if she ever hopes of reaching their shared dream of a life free from poverty and oppression.

The Knowing: Book One
by Ninie Hammon
When the hot call comes over the radio: “Code Red! Active shooter at Carlisle Elementary School,” Police Sergeant Jack Carpenter has one job and only one job. Find the gunman; take him out. He rushes into the school, fully armed and focused on cold, hard reality. But what happens to him in the next few hours shatters the world as he has always known it. And in the next three days, everything Jack Carpenter believes about himself, about life and reality, about good and evil and the whole nature of the universe will be challenged.

Can it possibly be true—seriously?—that invisible monsters prowl among us every day?

That there exists in the real world a winged creature more horrifying than any Hollywood-animated, computer-generated, mechanical unreality?

And that the single-minded mission of that beast—a creation of absolute, soul-less evil—is to kill Jack Carpenter?

That’s crazy! Fairy-tale-science-fiction-horror-movie-bogeyman crap!

Bottom line: it flat-out cannot possibly be true.

But it is.

Midsummer Night's Mayhem
by Lauren Quick
Literature & Fiction
Teeming with mystery, mayhem, and the trio of cunning sister witches, A Midsummer Night’s Mayhem is a paranormal mystery with wicked twists to keep you guessing.

A Midsummer Night’s Mayhem is the third novel of the witchy Mayhem sisters, Vivi, Honora, and Clover, and in keeping with an old family curse, trouble has returned and this time it’s murder.

In the witching world of Everland, Clover Mayhem lives a quiet life in the Meadowlands, only capturing the attention of her neighbors once a year when she hosts her popular summer solstice party. And that’s just the way she likes it.

But there is much more to Clover Mayhem than meets the eye. Thanks to her secret magical persuasion as a word witch, she is also Cassandra Reason, one of Everland’s most successful romance novelists. However, when Clover discovers her cantankerous neighbor, Oliver Yearling, has been murdered in her yard during the party, her secret identity is in jeopardy. Even worse, Clover finds herself one of the prime suspects.

To clear her name and keep her persuasion a secret, Clover is on the case, digging up clues and making strange discoveries about the victim. When the validity of Oliver’s will comes into question, Clover soon finds herself investigating friends and neighbors alike, all while butting heads with local law enforcement, who are desperate to know what Clover's hiding from them.

Who in Everland wanted Oliver dead? Could it be the local farmers who lost their crops and desperately need more land? Was Oliver’s son, Austin, angry enough over the potential loss of his inheritance to kill? And who is Oliver’s secret love?

With the help of her trusty assistant, Derek, and her sisters, Vivi and Honora, Clover must navigate a growing list of suspects, one of whom is using black magic to scare her off the case, to find the real murderer and protect her secret.

A New Kind of Zeal
by Michelle Warren
Literature & Fiction / Metaphysical
On a hot, humid day, Tristan Blake is sweating it out trying to hitch a ride past Kerikeri, up north. It is summer in New Zealand, 2030: the temperature is rising, and Tristan is looking to get away from it all, after retiring from Peace-making army duty in the Middle East.

An old red Holden Ute pulls up on the side of the road, with fishing lines strapped in the back. Tristan goes to the driver's window, and a Maori priest, Rau Petera, invites him on a ride to Ninety Mile Beach.

Keen to fish, Tristan agrees: but there on the expansive sand, trying to escape the rising tide, Rau and Tristan stumble across Joshua Davidson from Kaitaia. Rau follows Joshua back into the rising sea, and Joshua catches him a record snapper, with no bait.

Now Rau and Tristan find themselves driving Joshua on a once-in-a-lifetime road-trip down the centre of the North Island, toward the Beehive in Wellington. Joshua is reminding Rau of someone: he is finding a new kind of faith. But Tristan is being thrown into increasing confusion and dismay, when he finally realizes what he must do to end the growing threat of Joshua.

Burritos and Gasoline
by Jamie Beckett
Contemporary Fiction
After more than twenty-years of bad decisions and spectacular personal failures, Frank Stevens desperately needs to be pulled out of the death spiral he's fallen into. A chance and entirely unexpected reunion with his best friend from childhood presents that exact opportunity at the precise moment he needs it most.

Frank and the long-lost Danny Loughman launch off on an epic road-trip together. If Frank can keep his wits about him and Danny doesn't expire in his sleep, they just might find their destination, earn a shot at redemption, and arrive at a place called home - if it isn't already too late.

Portside Peril
by Hope Callaghan
Cozy Mystery
Millie Sanders has settled into her new position as assistant cruise director of the Siren of the Seas and is loving every minute of the adventure and excitement.

A fresh wave of passengers have just boarded, and as the deck party gets into full swing, a frantic cry of man overboard is shouted over the loudspeakers.

Millie rushes towards the crowd that has gathered on the portside upper deck and watches in horror as the ship's crew desperately tries to save a young man who has just gone over.

Onboard investigators believe it’s a clear cut case of vacation suicide, but Millie isn’t convinced. Her suspicions are confirmed when she discovers the fiancĂ© of the poor deceased man received a threatening note.

The mystery deepens and the list of suspects grows when Millie discovers some of the friends who boarded with the young couple may have had reason to push him over, and that is just the beginning!

How to be a Mermaid
by Erin Hayes
Teen & Young Adult / Fantasy
All Tara ever wanted was to be a mermaid.

So she takes a year off between high school and college to don a fake tail and tour aquariums across the country in a professional mermaid troupe.

Everything's great until she meets a gorgeous real-life merman named Finn. Suddenly, what she thought was a dream turns out to be a nightmare -- she's turning into a mermaid herself. For real.

Yet when she returns to the sea to seek out Finn and reverse her transformation, she finds herself in the middle of an impending war between the land and sea. Tara may have always wanted to be a mermaid, but now it's sink or swim. In order to survive, she has to learn how to be one, too.

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