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by Evie Ryan
Mystery & Thriller / Paranormal
Scarlett Reese has always been odd. Deemed a genius, the twenty-three year old with flaming red hair and a sarcastic wit is the youngest forensic pathologist in the country, but that's not what sets her apart. She has an unusual gift. Scarlett can hear people's thoughts. And the dead have a lot to say.

Jack Hollister is new on campus. A mid-semester transfer student, Jack is hoping he won't have the same problem at Erie Mission that he had at his last college. Namely, the people around him keep dying. He takes an interest in Scarlett the second he sees her flitting across campus one wintry afternoon. She's different, but he can't pinpoint why. All he knows is that she can help him and he must earn her trust. Time is running out.

Jack intrigues her. His thoughts are disordered and mysterious, which for Scarlett comes as a welcomed relief. But when a student drops dead at his feet one night, Scarlett realizes death has been following this good-looking guy, and she thinks she might have a way to catch the killer.

If only the killer was alive…

To Love a Thief
by Darcy Burke
PRICE: $0.99
Historical Romance
To set things right, she has to be very wrong…

Former constable Daniel Carlyle hasn’t the foggiest notion how to be a viscount. No one is more shocked than he when his father’s second cousin and his son die on the same day. When a prominent earl offers to guide Daniel through Society and the House of Lords, he’s grateful to have a champion. Things seem to be falling into place when he meets a lovely young woman he intends to make his viscountess. Until he catches her stealing from his mentor.

The moment Jocelyn Renwick glimpses her family's stolen heirlooms in the possession of a wealthy earl, she demands their return. He dismissively insists they’ve been in his family for generations, and she privately vows to get them back at any cost. But the law-abiding Lord Carlyle foils her plans, and she reluctantly partners with him to solve the theft of her property. When they discover the earl is up to his ears in criminal acts, he threatens to link Daniel to his gang of thieves. Jocelyn must decide if justice for her family is worth risking a chance at love.

To Save a Sinner
by Adele Clee
Historical Romance

He expected to be the topic of scandalous gossip.

Banished to Boston for causing the death of Lord Banbury, Lucas Dempsey vowed never to set foot on English soil again. But when his brother inherits the viscountcy and pleads for his return, the opportunity to show his contempt and loathing for the Society who turned its back on him proves to be far too enticing to resist.

He did not expect an intriguing lady to barge into his home desperate to save his wicked soul.

When the dishonourable Lucas Dempsey steps into the ballroom after a four-year absence, Helena Ecclestone is quick to label the gentleman a murderous rogue. That is until she stumbles upon a secret conversation and feels a moral obligation to see justice done. But while the ladies swoon over his handsome countenance, Helena is determined to look beyond such superficial features, intrigued to discover the true character of the gentleman he hides beneath his arrogant fa├žade.

The Medium
by MR Graham
PRICE: $0.99
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Lenny is good at teaching physics. He is good at fixing things, making friends, and not attracting attention. He is good at being a medium, helping spirits pass beyond the Veil. But as a vampire incapable of violence, he has always been a bit of a joke.

All it takes is a drink in a hotel bar, a stumble into the wrong place at the wrong time, to run him afoul of Sebastian Duran, a lunatic who controls other people’s minds better than he can control his own. Torn away from everything he knows, trapped and starved and under constant mental assault, Lenny’s best hope is Kim Reed, a wizard tasked with bringing down Duran. Kim cannot believe that Lenny is evil, but neither can she hide him, and while she battles for his freedom, Lenny is forced to confront his own potential for monstrosity.

Love Heals The Heart
by Diane Rose Duffy
Romantic Comedy
Gracie Watson is a sassy, saucy first-grade school teacher with a wicked sense of humor. She enjoys her job helping to shape young, impressionable minds - truly, she does - but she's tired of teaching everyone else's kids while yearning for her own. She's searching for Mr. Right. You know, a soulmate to fill her heart with the love and passion she craves. Little does she know that an ill-fated camping trip with her adventure guide best friend could possibly be the beginning of a dangerous journey to a once in a lifetime love.

Detective Dylan Sanders is career driven and focused on the path before him, leaving his tragic, painful past in a cloud of dust behind him. When spunky Gracie Watson, quite literally, streaks into his life, his future may forever be altered. However, the question is – can Gracie help Dylan forget the heart-wrenching tragedy from his past, enabling him to finally heal and discover love?

Fate has dealt both Gracie and Dylan a losing hand at any chance for love, offering them each difficult challenges to overcome. Love and trust are tested. Loyalties are questioned. A battle for ever-lasting love will be fought as hearts seek healing in the last place they each expect…one another.

Now, they both may have a chance at happiness – together – but only if they can stay alive.

Snow Blood: Season 3
by Carol McKibben
PRICE: $0.99
Snow Blood, Kindred dog of Brogio, the first Vampire, has faced dangers and intrigues alongside his Master – defeating the threats that assault them time and time again.
Now, another evil looms, one more powerful and daunting than any they have known before. This time, the threat may separate him from all he loves… forever. While fighting for the existence he has grown to love, Snow Blood is challenged to prevent a plan to enslave his family and the entire vampire nation.
As Snow Blood’s pack struggles to uncover a mysterious disappearance, a hidden truth about Kane, Brogio’s eldest blood son, is revealed. Now only Kane is able to prevent their impending fate and reunite them all.

Diviner's Prophecy
by Nicolette Andrews
Children's Fantasy
Death consumes Maea’s nights and visions haunt her days. Her search for an escape from her nightmare, leads her to Prince Adair. He has his own secrets to hide, and like a fly caught in a web, she’s drawn to him and thrust into the middle of a struggle for the crown.

The Wildest Blue
by Amy Napier
Teen & Young Adult / Contemporary Romance
Falling in love was never part of the plan…
Eva Browning is a traveler who wants to see the world and find out who she is and what she wants out of life. Feeling lost and aimless after graduating high school, Eva decides to go on a solo trip across America in a vintage recreational trailer gifted to her by her father.
Once the shy girl, Eva finds a new woman hiding inside herself as her travels take her to different places where she has many new experiences and meets new people who give her a bigger perspective on life and love. Including an unexpected man who enters her trailer and her heart. Will Eva leave her dreams and plans behind for love?
In this new young adult series, Eva travels from one side of the country to the other with several revelations and detours along the way. In all of her many plans, falling in love was not one of them.

The Way
by Mary E Twomey
Science Fiction & Fantasy
In a world not divided by race, creed or color, but by blood type, Blue Anders finds herself on the wrong end of fortune’s mercy. Born with a lesser blood type, Blue is raised in The Way, a work camp for A-bloods.
She must fight against and alongside her violent brother to free their people and end the slavery forced upon her family. Standing up to her sociopath brother will be difficult, but admitting what she wants when she meets an intriguing man from the ruling class just might be impossible.

Since the Sirens
by E E Isherwood
Science Fiction & Fantasy
When the Zombie Apocalypse came to Liam's neighborhood, it came with horsemen's trumpets. Tornado sirens wailed for an hour, as if to ensure everyone knew there was no going back.
Unfortunately, Liam was a fifteen-year-old boy condemned by bad decisions to spend the summer in the city with his 104-year-old religious great grandmother. When Grandma Marty tries to send him on his way to save himself, something deep inside awakens--he chafes at the thought of leaving her to die, and instead sees himself as a hero from one of his zombie books who can accomplish the impossible: rescue her.
As they step out her front door together to face a city filled with scared refugees, desperate law enforcement, a zombie-hunting military, and opportunist criminals and looters, Liam realizes he tied his fate to a woman who can't walk more than ten feet without his help.
When the zombies begin to overshadow all their other problems, Liam comes to appreciate why there are no atheists in foxholes.

She Sins at Midnight
by Whitney Dineen
Chick Lit  / Romantic Comedy
Lila Montgomery, thirty-two-year-old Hollywood assistant extraordinaire, has a secret. On the outside, she’s a hard-working dedicated employee, a good friend, and a loving daughter. But above all else, she’s been raised to be a lady, which of course is why she’s determined to conceal her secret life. If her straight-laced friends and family back home ever discover that she is really the smashing new author of a steamy romance novel, their disapproval would shame her forever! That’s why Lila has chosen to publish her sexy narrative under the nom de plume, Jasmine Sheath.

With her fifteenth high school class reunion on the horizon, Lila finds herself at a crossroads. More than anything she wants to go home and see her childhood friends but is embarrassed that she hasn’t accomplished the things she feels she should have by this time in her life; mainly marriage and children.

After another brutal run-in with Melinda Forrester, Oscar nominated actress and client of her boss, Josh Furber, Lila decides that fleeing Hollywood for a month is the best thing for her. Lila packs her bags for her childhood home of Bentley Hills, sure that her friends and family will be the touchstone of normalcy that she so desperately needs. What she doesn't expect is that Melinda will follow her and a tabloid media circus will ensue!

Not only does Lila discover that her home is nothing like she remembers, but she meets and falls in love with the very man that inspired the hero in her novel.

She Sins at Midnight is full of laugh out loud hijinks that will make you never look at Hollywood the same way again!

The Six Month Marriage
by Amanda Grange
Historical Romance
Unless Philip, Lord Pemberton, could arrange a six-month marriage he would lose his inheritance. But how could he find a respectable young lady to go along with such a scheme?

Madeline Delaware was desperate to escape from her dissolute uncle and Philip's offer saved her from the fate her uncle had in store for her.

But the six-month marriage turned out to be far from the peaceful interlude that Madeline had envisaged. And although it was simply a convenient arrangement, she found it increasingly difficult to think of its end . . .

Bending Toward the Sun
by Leslie Gilbert-Lurie
PRICE: $0.99
Biographies & Memoirs
A beautifully written family memoir, Bending Toward the Sun explores an emotional legacy—forged in the terror of the Holocaust—that has shaped three generations of lives. Leslie Gilbert-Lurie tells the story of her mother, Rita, who like Anne Frank spent years hiding from the Nazis, and whose long-hidden pain shaped both her daughter and granddaughter’s lives. Bringing together the stories of three generations of women, Bending Toward the Sun reveals how deeply the Holocaust lives in the hearts and minds of survivors and their descendants.

Welcome to Town
by B Geren Sanford
Science Fiction & Fantasy
What is Town?
Imagine Mayberry moved to the Twilight Zone by Stephen King.

Will Walker is a drifter who finds himself stuck. He’s trapped in Town, an impossible place ripped from 1920s small-town America and dropped into a nightmare. Monstrous beasts attack Town’s citizens, while the people fight for survival and to maintain the semblance of normalcy they’ve struggled to create.

As Will grapples with his world turned upside down, he must figure out where he fits in or find a way out of Town. Soon he’s thrust into the unlikely role of hero, with the lives of new friends hanging in the balance. But between the secrets and the power struggles, Will begins to wonder which horrors are worse: the monsters outside of Town, or the darker forces at work within.

Broken Fate
by Jennifer Derrick
PRICE: $0.99
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Zeus gave her one simple job: Kill every human. Atropos—daughter of Zeus and the third goddess of Fate from Greek mythology —spends her eternal life snipping human lifelines when their mortal lives are over. As if being a killer doesn't make life miserable enough, she and her Fate-wielding sisters must live amongst the humans on Earth thanks to a long-running feud between their mother and Zeus. Living on Earth means they must mingle with the mortals, attend the local high school, and attempt to fit in—or at least not stand out too much.

Killing and mingling don't mix, which is why Atropos' number-one rule is to avoid all relationships with the humans. Caring for the people she has to kill is a fast track to insanity. However, when Alex Morgan walks into her first-period English class, she knows she's in for trouble. He's the worst kind of human for her to like—one with a rapidly approaching expiration date. And he makes Atropos want to break all the rules.

Deep Fried and Pickled
by Paisley Ray
Literature & Fiction / Humor
Book one of THE RACHAEL O'BRIEN CHRONICLES introduces Rachael O'Brien,whose plan to study Art History turns into a laugh-out-loud romp of misadventure. It's 1986, the era of Pop Rocks, Jelly shoes, and big hair rockbands when she enrolls in a southern college intending to earn a degree, party, and meet cute guys--hopefully acing the latter two. She has barely had time to acquaint herself to the dorm food before finding herself threatened by a jealous She-Devil, fending off the advances of a thirty-something redneck, and stumbling upon an art fraud scheme. To top things off, her parents go their separate ways: her mom to follow a psychic calling; her dad adrift in hismidlife crisis.
Bad decision-making, law-bending behavior, and surprise romances make freshman year memorable in Paisley Ray's DEEP FRIED AND PICKLED.

The Eighth Day
by Donovan Gray
PRICE: $0.99
Paranormal Thriller
Tonight, the world ends.

Billions will die, and I am the cause of it all. To know why, you have to go back to another, simpler time, when I was just a boy. I remember my family, hanging helplessly from the eaves of the porch of our ranch. And I remember the Preacher, slipping the noose around my neck. He was searching for a woman, the last of her kind. He’d been hunting her for longer than he could remember, and her death would end a war that had raged for thousands of years.

It was supposed to be the final battle but she was clever and unpredictable, and had eluded him again. Instead of finding her, he found me, and I had made it a whole new war. My name is Gabriel Armstrong, and I am immortal.

The Cuckoo's Gift
by Anne J Steinberg
Literature & Fiction
When Caroline Spencer returns to the Florida island of Sanibel, she comes face to face with her past. Her last visit here was twelve years ago when, through whispering mangroves, past flocks of exotic birds, skirting bobcat trails and precious mounds of turtle eggs, four children played in this earthly paradise – as explorers, naturalists, boat-builders... and eventually, as lovers.

Over the intervening years, Carrie has tried to forget those summer idylls and the children who were her friends – Phoebe, who believed herself to be a mermaid, her aloof older brother Bradley, and Tristan, son of the Native American wisewoman, Tanta. Now two of them are dead and gone. In the cemetery, however, there is only one grave; in Tanta’s backyard, a mourning cradle hangs, stuffed with black raven feathers; and over at Bud’s Landing lives a small boy who has mysteriously been struck dumb. Legend says that pirates buried treasure on a sister island, but here on Sanibel, where a great storm is gathering, Carries is about to unearth some treasure of her own.

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