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Reborn: Blood Courtesans
by Michelle Fox
Paranormal Romance
I have to sell myself to the vampires. I know it's not safe, but there's no other option. Not for the amount of money I need. It's either become a blood courtesan or watch my mom die while we lose the only home I've ever known.

So I leap before I look and soon I'm sharing a bed with vampire Kristos Anastos. He's hot, rich and his fangs hurt so good. The courtesan thing is better than I thought it would be...until bullets start to fly.

Kristos believes he's the target, but it soon becomes clear it's not him they're after. It's me. And if I want to live, I'd better figure out why.

I thought I was just a college student, a good kid raised by a single mom down on her luck, but I have secrets even I don't know about.

Blood is money and mine may be worth the most of all.

Sorceress Awakening
by Lisa Blackwood
PRICE: $0.99
Science Fiction & Fantasy
When Lillian finds herself facing off against vampires and other mythological impossibilities, help comes from an unlikely source—the stone gargoyle who has been sleeping in her garden for the last twelve years.

After the battle, Lillian learns the humans she thought were her family are actually a powerful coven of witches at war with the demonic Riven. Lillian is something more than human, a Sorceress and Avatar to the gods. Gregory has been her protector for many lifetimes, but when she was still a child troubles in their homeland forced him to flee with her to the human world. However, Gregory fears something from her childhood followed them to this world—he suspects Lillian is host to an infant demon, one capable of evil greater than even the Riven.

Extra complications arise when she realizes she’s concealing a forbidden love for her guardian. While she might be able to defeat the Riven with Gregory’s help, she does not know if her fragile new love can survive the evil growing in her own soul.

The Last Seeker
by Fleur Camacho
Teen & Young Adult / Science Fiction & Fantasy
Tristen Winstead just found out that his whole world is a lie.

Even though Tristen seems like your very average teenager, deep down Tristen knows that there’s something different about him. Maybe even something wrong about him.

Tristen has yet to discover that he has a magic so ancient and rare that he’s the last one, the only one, to have it in this lifetime. It’s a power so astounding that, under the wrong influence, the future of whole world could be at risk.

Only one thing can trigger this ancient magic, and she just showed up.

by Greg Chase
PRICE: $0.99
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Sam Adamson would do anything to leave the climate-ravaged wastelands of Earth… even if it means working for pirates. So when he’s offered a job repairing a derelict spaceship’s computer, he jumps at the chance to head to the Kuiper Belt, an area at the edge of the solar system reviled for its lawlessness and tenuous ability to sustain life.

But the repair proves difficult, and the pirates who hired Sam leave him to die in the computer’s core. Fortunately, the inhabitants of a utopian village rescue him and show him that human relationships can be more open and connected once Earth habits have been broken. He’s content to live the rest of his days away from Earth until he learns his work on the spaceship inadvertently created a new, all-knowing—but misguided—technology-based species. And their mistakes threaten to tear the very fabric of human interaction.

Forced to leave his Garden of Eden on the terraformed planet, he takes his wife, Jess—his link to all he holds dear—and goes back to Earth to face his responsibilities. Before Sam and Jess can ever hope to return to their village, they have to teach the next generation of the new species how to change the direction of mankind for the better.

by Bart Hopkins
Contemporary Fiction
LIKE is a selfie of modern times that takes you on a journey through the lives of normal people—the new normal—fully connected in an electronic age.

You’ll meet Greg, a realtor whose success stems from his Internet savvy. His tweets are re-tweeted a hundred times and thousands follow his blog.

Then there’s Paul, who stumbles on an old crush while Facebooking. Through research of her online habits, he arranges a “chance” meeting so they can fall in Like with each other.

Martin is a cancer survivor with renewed purpose in life thanks to a supportive social media family.

It’s a tapestry of people and events woven together with this era’s most abundant thread: social media.

“With one Like I can say hi to a friend, support them during a crisis, share in a joke, make someone happy, or reinforce a person’s self-esteem. I make myself part of their world. It’s like I stopped by for coffee. But, by Liking, I can also avoid talking to all the people I don’t want to waste time on. Or I can check to see what my ex-girlfriend is doing seven or eight times an hour. It’s a double-edged mouse click.”
- Anonymous

Sing in the Morning, Cry at Night
by Barbara J Taylor
PRICE: $0.99
Historical Fiction
Almost everyone in town blames eight-year-old Violet Morgan for the death of her nine-year-old sister, Daisy. Sing in the Morning, Cry at Night opens on September 4, 1913, two months after the Fourth of July tragedy. Owen, the girls' father, "turns to drink" and abandons his family. Their mother Grace falls victim to the seductive powers of Grief, an imagined figure who has seduced her off-and-on since childhood. Violet forms an unlikely friendship with Stanley Adamski, a motherless outcast who works in the mines as a breaker boy. During an unexpected blizzard, Grace goes into premature labor at home and is forced to rely on Violet, while Owen is "off being saved" at a Billy Sunday Revival. Inspired by a haunting family story, Sing in the Morning, Cry at Night blends real life incidents with fiction to show how grace can be found in the midst of tragedy.

Concrete Evidence
by Rachel Grant
Thrillers & Suspense
A year ago she lost everything.  Now she wants revenge…

Accused of stealing artifacts from a five-hundred-year-old shipwreck, underwater archaeologist Erica Kesling is determined to clear her name. She’s concealed her past and taken a job certain to give her access to the buyer of the missing antiquities. She's finally closing in on her goal when she's distracted by a sexy, charismatic intern who makes her want something other than revenge.
But Lee Scott is no intern. He's looking for the lead conspirator in an international artifact smuggling scheme, and Erica is his prime suspect.  He’ll do whatever it takes to win her trust and get her to reveal her secrets, even seduce her.

As Erica and Lee struggle to conceal their real agendas, the one thing they can’t hide is the attraction that burns hot between them. When Erica’s quest puts her life in jeopardy, Lee must choose between old loyalties and a woman he never expected to fall for.

Lady Danger
by Glynnis Campbell
Historical Romance
Born to the blade and raised to fear no one, Deirdre of Rivenloch never shies away from a fight and never turns her back on a threat to her land or her family. But she’s never met a man like Sir Pagan Cameliard, the bold and powerful knight who comes at the king’s command to make a marriage alliance with Rivenloch. To save her younger sister, Deirdre tricks Pagan into marrying her instead, and now she faces a new kind of enemy who crosses swords with her by day and lays siege to her heart by night.

The Tube Riders: Underground
by Chris Ward
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Marta Banks is a girl with an identity. She is a Tube Rider, a girl who risks death every day in the abandoned underground stations of London.

It doesn’t matter that her parents are dead. It doesn’t matter that her beloved brother has disappeared. It doesn’t matter that in the dystopian chaos of London in 2075, in the shadow of the towering perimeter walls, she has no future.

She has her friends.

Together, the Tube Riders are a family, united against the brutality of their lives, but when they discover a dark government secret that could bring war to Britain and end decades of oppression, everything they hold dear is threatened.

Now they are running for their lives, hunted by genetically engineered killing machines that will stop at nothing to catch them.

The Huntsmen are coming….

The King's Puzzle
by Ian Wilson
Action & Adventure

It is 9:00 p.m. at Carley, Ontario, on May 22, 1939.

Thousands of people perch on a slope beside the Canadian Pacific line, waiting. Flames of bonfires lick the heavens and illuminate the tracks. This farming village is destined to be the most important place in the British Empire for eight minutes.

In the railway station, a telegraph key announces the approach of a train—that carrying His Majesty King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

A whistle echoes through the hills. Bystanders cheer. Youngsters wave Union Jacks. A headlight glistens along the rails. War veterans snap to attention. A steam locomotive, adorned with shields and crowns, rounds the bend. As the train slows to a stop in the firelight, scarlet-coated Mounties emerge from vestibule doors. Their Majesties emerge onto the observation platform of the rear car. Cheers and cries of God Save the King! ring out.

Surveying the crowd, The King calls out for Duncan Wolfe. The ten-year-old boy had created a puzzle for His Majesty to solve while touring Canada and promised to meet him.

But a terrified Duncan is bolting away from the train, ignoring the cries of his parents and friends. And, for the remainder of his life, he will keep running from whatever provoked his flight.

Some seven decades later, sixteen-year-old Angus Wolfe is poking around Carley. The railway station is gone. A forest covers the hillside along the tracks. Among charred remnants of the bonfires, Angus seeks an explanation for his grandfather’s behaviour on that long-ago night of May 22, 1939.

Someone else, a blonde politician who turns heads at every public appearance, wants the mystery of The King’s Puzzle solved. She’ll even pay Angus to do so. Why?

It turns out Duncan Wolfe was entwined with Canada’s most famous missing persons case.

Gilt: By Invitation Only
by Geneva Lee
Teen & Young Adult
In a city with too much money and not enough rules, anything goes. Pretty Little Liars meets Romeo and Juliet in this addictive summer read...
Welcome to Belle Mère, the most exclusive zip code outside the Las Vegas Strip. It's every sinner's fantasy and every saint's worst nightmare.

Emma Southerly doesn't belong in Belle Mère despite her new stepfather's money. Not after she shunned her invite to the popular table, and especially not after what happened last summer. So when her best friend begs her to crash an invite-only, end of the year party, she should say no with a capitol H-E-L-L.

It's just a party. What could go wrong?
Getting kicked out to start. Running into the man who destroyed your family.

Until she meets Jameson, who's also hiding from the in-crowd. After spending the night with the cute stranger, Emma barely makes it home before news hits Belle Mère's brunch tables. A body's been found on the West estate, and Jameson is the number one suspect. But he couldn't have done it...right?

Emma isn't sure she can trust him or the rest of Belle Mère. After all, no one is safe when everyone is a liar.

The Zebra Said Shhh
by MR Nelson
An exhausted zebra is ready for bed but the other animals at the zoo still want to play.
Help the Zebra say “Shhh” to the lions, elephants and other noisy animals at the zoo

A calming bedtime book for little monkeys everywhere.

The Sweet Spot: A Novel
by Stephanie Evanovich
PRICE: $1.99
Women's Fiction
A sizzling story of everyone’s favorite couple from amazing Stephanie Evanovich’s New York Times bestseller Big Girl Panties: hunky professional baseball player Chase Walker and his sassy wife Amanda.

When pro baseball player Chase Walker first meets Amanda at her restaurant, it’s love at first sight. While Amanda can’t help noticing the superstar with the Greek-god-build, he doesn’t have a chance of getting to first—or any other—base with her. A successful entrepreneur who’s built her business from scratch, Amanda doesn’t need a Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. And a curvy girl who likes to cook and eat isn’t interested in being around the catty, stick-thin herd of females chasing Chase and his teammates.

But Chase isn’t about to strike out. A man who isn’t interested in playing the field, he’s a monogamist who wants an independent woman like Amanda. His hopes rally when she discovers that squeaky-clean Chase has a few sexy and very secret pre-game rituals that turn the smart, headstrong businesswoman on—and into his number one fan.

Then a tabloid discovers the truth and turns their spanking good fun into a late- night punchline. Is Amanda ready to let loose and swing for the fences? Or will the pressure of Chase’s stardom force them to call it quits?

Rocky Mountain Reckoning
by Kurt James
Literature & Fiction / Westerns
Lucas Eldridge is a loving and generous man and while away from home from his ranch in Morrison, Colorado two Mexican bandits Juan and Jose Verdugo savagely murdered his wife Belle.

What the Verdugo brothers did not count on is that Lucas Eldridge is a dangerous man that is not to be trifled with. For over two years Lucas is a man driven to exact justice and revenge from the bandit brothers that took everything he ever wanted and everything he ever loved when his wife died at their hands.

In a pursuit through the Colorado Rocky Mountain wilderness that cover towns such as Breckenridge, Como, and Silver Plume and across the "Great Divide" Lucas sole purpose for living is to take the life from the Verdugos and condemn them to the depths of Hell.

Lucas has become a hard and haunted man until he rescues the beautiful redheaded, green eyed Devon King the sister of a surveyor working for the Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad from Jose the youngest of the Verdugo brothers on top of Boreas Pass.

Devon King is everything that Lucas departed wife was and his heart knows it, but his hatred for the Verdugos leaves no room for love. Or does it?

Follow Lucas Eldridge in his western adventure as he battles the Verdugos and other outlaw's, mountain lions, wolves and the deadly cold and snow of a Colorado winter in the high country of the Rocky Mountains in his quest for justice and finally love.

Vampyrrhic Rites
by Simon Clark
PRICE: $0.99
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Lazarus deep is a lake that sits like a blot of darkness in the valley.

Eighteen-year-old Dylan Adams is on the verge of leaving his hometown for a life in the big city, but his plans are dramatically changed when his old school friend Luke Spencer goes missing.

A search finds nothing. All anyone knows is that he was last seen at Lazarus Deep. Then, in the dead of night, Dylan's old friend comes calling.

But he’s not the same boy that everyone once knew.

The strangest eyes, the lingering whispers … messages sent through the night … once more David Leppington, Bernice Mochardi and Electra Charnwood are drawn together to face the vampiric creatures that are Nosferatu: the undead.

The desolate North Yorkshire Moors have held their secret for more than a thousand years.

Now it is the turn of Lazarus Deep.

Someone Has To Pay
by Joe McCoubrey
Thrillers & Suspense
Someone Has To Pay is a fast-paced thriller set in the last days of Northern Ireland’s Troubles. The British Government’s top counter-intelligence agent, Mike Devon, has been put in charge of a daring plan to strike havoc at the heart of the IRA. His mission is a simple one – bring the terror organisation to its knees and force them to take their seats at the peace table.

But the IRA has its own ruthless operative, a man who will stop at nothing to kick the Brits out of Ireland.

Standing in the middle is the RUC’s best detective. He’s out to stop both sides turning the streets of Ulster into a war zone, but is he motivated by his own personal revenge mission?
The action swings relentlessly from Chicago to London, and from Glasgow to Belfast, as the three sides collide in a final bloody showdown in the suburbs of Dublin.

Wishing Well
by Kaitlyn Oruska
PRICE: $0.99
Contemporary Fiction
For Emma Hinkley, leaving her hometown after high school was hard; leaving her best friend Alison was even harder. Inseparable since the first day of first grade, a future without each other was never part of the plan.

More than a decade later, Emma has a new life in Philadelphia and Alison is still in Brookside, battling her demons. Emma became a successful defense attorney, married and then divorced; Alison became a mother and tried unsuccessfully to fight her addictions. After a disagreement and a year of silence, Emma receives a phone call that changes everything:

Alison is missing.

Emma returns to Brookside to find her with the help of Alison’s ex-boyfriend, Lachlan. Emma never supported their relationship, but finds herself drawn to him as they share their doubts and fears about Alison’s whereabouts. In the mix of all of this is Amelie, the seven year old daughter Alison left behind.

Emma’s life is again turned upside down when she begins to suspect the man she’s falling for might know more about Alison’s disappearance than he’s letting on. Will she be able to bring Alison home, or is it already too late?

Set against a backdrop of beautiful Shenandoah Valley scenery, 'Wishing Well' is a standalone novel about best friends, falling for the wrong person at the wrong time, and the side effects of loving someone struggling with addiction.

Queen Of My Nightmare
by Cristi Taijeron
Historical Fiction
I didn't want to be a pirate, but there are times one must do undesirable things in order to survive.

Under Mason Bentley’s black flag, I ended up finding more than just the refuge I was seeking. He taught me to fight, inspired me to navigate, and by the time we reached Tortuga I was drawing maps so fine I could sell them. No longer a weeping, helpless woman, I took hold of my courage to face the cursed world that wished to punish me for witchcraft. Strong, rich, and free, I finally claimed my throne in this kingdom of thieves, but it was the love I shared with their king that cursed me with a burden I was not strong enough to bear. What good was it to be a queen if the only dominion I held was over a nightmare?

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