Book Review Request: Chicken Chronicles

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The Chicken Chronicles by Becky Cook

Genre: Nonfiction

Have you ever wondered what your chickens were thinking as they wandered around your yard?
Are they plotting word domination, or just figuring out how to break into the house? Maybe both!

The Chicken Chronicles are light-hearted true stories about everyone’s favorite barnyard pet. Read about Dundee – the lone white chicken that enjoys going on walkabout, Fluffy Butt – a little red hen who lives indoors as well as out, and Jackson – the chicken who thinks she is human.
Set in the backyard, meet a family who keeps chickens, and the chickens who keep them on their toes. The Chronicles will keep you entertained from page one.

“The Chicken Chronicles is like reading James Herriot’s books - only specifically about chickens!” - River Ames, author

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