Review Request: To Each His Own

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To Each His Own by River Ames

An excerpt from the book:
Grace Banner stared at the powerful male legs sprawled beneath the car.

She swallowed hard, reminding herself that there was no point dwelling on the past unpleasantness between her family and this man.  Not when the new unpleasantness between the Banners and the Hollisters needed their immediate attention.

Grace cleared her throat, preparing to calmly and rationally discuss the situation between their ten-year-old sons—their fiercely loyal, warring sons.

“Mr. Hollister?”

From beneath the car came an ominous clang of metal, then a low gurgling sound.  A deep, masculine voice swore.  Pithily.  The long-legged body shot out from beneath the brown station wagon.  She jumped back from its path.  The top half of Matthew Hollister rolled into view—shirtless.

As he got to his feet, Grace’s lips formed a silent “oh”.

And, for a moment her eyes were too filled with chest to notice the dark, turbulent eyes glaring down at her from an oil-splattered face.

A powerful hand grabbed a fistful of blue paper towels from a nearby dispenser.

He gestured to the sign at the shop’s entrance.  "Can’t you read?”

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