January 26, 2019

Review Opportunity: Dreaded Dinner Party

Review Opportunity!

Reviews are so very important to authors.  If you are able to assist this author by reading and reviewing their book, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Dreaded Dinner Party by Destiny Henderson

Genre: Middle Grade Fiction
Age Level: 9 - 13

Who’s tired of her dinner party-throwing parents? Curi Andrews is.

But when a nasty couple tries to sabotage her parents’ party, Curi flips.

It’s up to Curi to stop them!

Of course, she’s going to eat some delicious food along the way.

Who will help her? Maybe the mischievous traveler Mister Wolfeman or the ambitious Ophelia?

Unfortunately for Curi, sometimes, things still go up in flames.

You will love this debut middle-grade novel with diverse characters, light humor, and a homeschooled, strong female protagonist.


Please complete any outstanding reviews before requesting additional books for review. Thank you!


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