Review Opportunity: Morgan and the Forty Thieves

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Morgan and the Forty Thieves by Addie Abacus

Genre: Children's Fiction Chapter Book- Magic Math Adventure (130 pages)
Grade Level: 2 - 4
Age Level: 7 - 10

About the Book:

Nine-year-old Morgan is the daughter of an explorer, and an adventurer at heart. When her father is lost on an expedition, Morgan and her mother are forced to sell their home and move in with a mysterious family they’ve never met. Morgan soon discovers that the family is hiding a great secret, and that a world of magic and enchantments might actually be real.

Set in Massachusetts at the turn of the last century, Morgan and the Forty Thieves is a captivating adventure story that has problem solving and mathematical concepts woven into the narrative. Math is presented as a language of the universe that helps us understand the beautiful patterns and symmetries found in nature. In Book One of the series, children learn a step-by-step process of beginning multiplication.

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