Review Opportunity: And Then The Penny Dropped by B P Kennedy

Review Opportunity!

Reviews are so very important to authors.  If you are able to assist this author by reading and reviewing their book, it would be greatly appreciated. 

And Then The Penny Dropped
By B P Kennedy

Genre: Creative NonFiction

A husband walks out on his family after twenty-three years, pitching his wife into a legal battle she wants no part of. As she discovers just how wealthy her secretive husband is she places her trust in her lawyer and the British Legal System, but quickly realises she is merely a pawn in a game of legal chess.

Based on a true story of infidelity, injustice, passion and heartache. Ms Kennedy finds herself entangled in a million pound fraud in the midst of a fight she cannot possibly win and embarks on an affair with her lawyer. What convinces a broken and penniless woman, that despite losing all the legal battles, she can still win the war?

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