Ain't Nothin' but the Devil by Lorelai Watson


Title: Ain't Nothin' but the Devil
Series: The Atwood Legacy Series #1
Author: Lorelai Watson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 5, 2019 Limitless Publishing


Nothing about my life is as it seems. From the inside out it looks perfect, like a real-life fairy tale. But the truth is…it’s not.

Being married to a billionaire is not a one-way ticket to happiness like most people would think. Behind closed doors and away from the limelight he’s not the man he pretends to be.
My marriage is failing. My heart is nothing but broken pieces of pain and disappointment. My mind has become the battlefield of the war between me and the depression threatening to end my life.
I knew this day would come—the day I stood on the ledge, every fiber of my being urging me to jump. To end it all. 
But there’s this tiny flicker of hope that’s keeping me from taking that fatal leap. His name is Adrian…and he’s my brother-in-law.





“Lorelai Watson has lived in the same small, but ridiculously charming Georgia town her entire life. In fact, this little town became the home of the characters of her debut novel, Ain’t Nothin’ but the Devil. When she’s not writing, Lorelai is either teaching, chasing her always-active young children, or ruining the plot of every movie and show for her husband.”




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