Review Opportunity: Secrets of Nalanda

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Chronicle of Lost Empire: Secrets of Nalanda


Chronicle of Lost Empire:Secrets of Nalanda is a sword and sorcery epic set in a world based on the land and traditions of ancient India. It tells the tale of Prakashaditya, a prince voluntarily renounce his inheritance after a defeat in battle against the Huns. His intentions were always honorable, but circumstances conspire against him. An attempt to save a life succeeds, but results in his being blamed for the death of an influential merchant. He was wrongly accused as a murderer and that changed his fate completely. Unaware of the baffling power of his enemies, the young prince entrapped in the political rivalry of an eastern kingdom and found love in an unexpected way. It is not only a tale of sword and sorcery but also a saga of unexpected love.  Under the guidance of his mentor, eminent alchemist Budhaditya he overcame all odds and reached his goal; but just before the final battle, he faced the dilemma of choosing duty over love.

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