#AtoZChallenge : Arson in the Art Gallery by Grace York

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Arson in the Art Gallery
by Grace York

Genre: Cozy Mystery

A new home. A new beginning. A quiet life.

Or is it?

The beach house is Addison Lake’s retirement plan. Memories of childhood holidays playing in the sand with her cousins come flooding back as soon as she sets foot in Getaway Bay. After the death of her husband, turning her new beach house into a bed and breakfast and reconnecting with family is just the tonic she needs. But just days after her move to the sleepy coastal town, Addison’s new life turns on its head.

A fire at her cousin Layla’s art gallery has devastating consequences.

There’s a body in the rubble.

The stubborn local detective needs a fast arrest, and he has Layla in his sights.

With her cousin accused of murder, Addison must act. But between the beach house renovations, an ailing uncle, an over-protective daughter, and the quirky inhabitants of Getaway Bay, she has her work cut out.

Can Addison and her new friends uncover the real culprit before Layla is charged with murder?

The Getaway Bay cozy mysteries have everything you love – suspense to keep you guessing, twists you don’t see coming, and characters you want to have a cup of tea with – plus an added dose of Aussie flavour.


 Grace York...
... is a pseudonym. There, I said it. Straight up. I'm not real.

Well of course I'm real. That's me hanging out in Central Park in the beanie my mum knitted. We've argued whether they're camels or llamas ever since she made it. They're probably alpaccas.

It's Grace York who isn't real. I wish she was. I'd like to meet her. I think she'd be fun to hang around. She'd be the type of author Addison Lake would love to host in the Beach House.

Come to think of it, I wouldn't mind a stint in the beach house myself. Perhaps the three of us could get together and share a meal. A glass or two of sav blanc. And cake. There would definitely be cake.

In my real author life I write much darker crime fiction. I love writing dark crime, but it was time for a break. So I created Grace, along with Addison, Isaac, Layla, and all the other inhabitants of Getaway Bay. My own getaway, if you like. It was supposed to be a brief diversion to purge some of the darkness. But it turned out to be a whole lot of fun!

So I hope you like reading about Addison's adventures in the beach house. Because it turns out I really like writing them, and I have no plans to stop anytime soon.

Move over Kinsey Millhone, there's a new alphabet series in town...

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  1. Sounds interesting and different

  2. Sounds like Addison has her hands full. Vivian Furbay jtandviv (at) q (dot) com

  3. Addison is very close to my "bar name" Madison. I like! ;)

  4. I've wrote a couple of cosy mysteries but I've never read any. This one sounds like a great light hearted read though

  5. This sounds like one to check out! I'll be sure to enter the giveaway. ��

  6. This sounds like a good start to a great new series.


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