#AtoZChallenge : Out of the Mist by Lauren Giordano

Out of the Mist
(Can't Help Falling #1)
by Lauren Giordano

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Out of Time . . .

    Beaten and left for dead, Juliet awakens with no memory of how she ended up alone on an isolated road.

   Hunting a ruthless cartel in a case going nowhere, injured DEA agent Matt Barnes must rely on the memory of a woman who reminds him more of sorority Barbie than a drug kingpin. But, looks can be deceiving. He's got the bullet hole to prove it.

    To erase the worst mistake of his career, his team will use her to lure the dangerous drug lord. But, will the woman he's fallen in love with ever forgive him for making her the bait?



Lauren Giordano writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense. For updates on new releases, click the Follow button. Lauren's contemporary, small-town series Blueprint to Love & the romantic suspense series Can't Help Falling are available now.

Up next in 2019: Out of the Storm, book 5 in Can't Help Falling. Available December!

The Mona Project, book 5 in Blueprint to Love. Available November!

A little about Lauren-- An award-winning writer. An allergic cat lover. A foster failure-- she's 0 for 2 in relinquishing her fosters. A seriously bad cook-- despite a passion for cooking shows. After several small kitchen fires, she wields a fire extinguisher like a pro. News about books and her blog, Confessions of a Cooking Nightmare can be found at www.laurengiordanoauthor.com. Happy reading!

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  1. Juilet with no memory abandoned on a lonely road is difficult to handle. This seems to be intriguing.


  2. I'd be willing to bet she forgives him lol


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