#AtoZChallenge : Wild Hearts by Heather Tullis

Wild Hearts
(DiCarlo Brides #5)
by Heather Tullis

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Clean & Wholesome

Delphi Gifford has nearly given up on finding someone she could love as much as her dead husband, Fallon. Certainly local photographer Jeremy Litster could never make the grade, egomaniac that he is--even if he did drive the hottest racing motorbike she'd ever touched.

Jeremy knew George DiCarlo had hand-picked him to marry the gorgeous, buttoned-up Delphi, but hadn't counted on her not being in the loop, causing him to make a major misstep the first time they met. After working together for six months, though, he seriously regrets putting up a wall between them and begins a careful campaign to win her over and convince her to stay when her year there was up.

When a date turns into a car chase as someone tries to take the two of them out, they have to figure out what they did or saw that put them both in danger.



Heather Tullis has always loved romance, and read voraciously as a young teen (and even before). Writing it down eventually was inevitable. The DiCarlo Brides series is the first she's published under this name, though she's published eight other romances under another name. She loves gurgling brooks, chocolate pinwheel cakes and twinkle lights.

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