#AtoZChallenge : Xposed by Lynda Filler

XPOSED: Code Raven 1
by Lynda Filler

Genre: Thriller

XPOSED is a wild action-adventure novella that uncovers a dark and dangerous world of high-level intrigue, passion, power, and greed.

After seizing millions of dollars from an illegal arms-for-drugs deal between a rogue CIA faction, and a South American cartel, Luci retires from clandestine operations and hides out in Central America with her four-year-old daughter. Spotted by her enemies, she is chased up the Pacific coast to Mexico where she is saved by teammates of ex-Navy SEAL Zach, a member of ‘Raven’s Group.’

Meanwhile, the US government is in the throes of cyber warfare with China. Luke Raven, a high-tech billionaire, is the only man that can save America from the deadly fallout. He enlists the help of Luci, an ex-Mossad assassin, who now feels an obligation to Luke Raven for rescuing her.

They take their high-stakes adventure across the USA and over the ocean to Paris. The action culminates in Shanghai, China where an ultra-wealthy and ruthless business tycoon possesses highly sensitive information that would have catastrophic results for the USA in the wrong hands. But will they get there soon enough to secure the data from their enemies?



Lynda Filler makes her home in sexy, sultry Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and writes Action, Contemporary and Romantic Suspense, Urban Poetry, and Memoir. She's been accused of writing autobiographical stories, but so far no can get her to admit it! She's been writing her whole life but only started publishing fiction in 2015. When she's not in Mexico, she travels to the Pacific Northwest, or Paris, France to visit her children. She loves to hear from her fans on FaceBook where you can find her book news, crazy fun quotes, and photographs of both Mexico and Lynda's travels.

Her work is both entertaining and thought-provoking, and her memoir is "Powerful and unforgettable, the journey of a remarkable woman"

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