#AtoZChallenge : Zaca by R. Lawson Gamble

Zaca (Zack Tolliver, FBI #3)
by R. Lawson Gamble

Genre: Mystery

A farm worker disappears, another takes his place, the numbers stay the same but Rancher Rufus Reyes isn’t fooled. His operation is small and he knows everyone. Then a worker disappears and no one replaces him. The man’s wife is hysterical, but won’t talk about it. Reyes knows he needs help..

In this third book of the Zack Tolliver, FBI, series Dr. Susan Apgar asks Zack to help her deliver a lecture to the Allan Hancock College Criminal Justice classes. A pleasant junket to California’s beautiful Central Coast, Zack thinks, but thanks to Rufus Reyes ,even before he can exit the lecture hall he is immersed in a case involving drug smuggling, rival cartels, murder, and an old enemy. The clues begin to add up, the victims pile up, as the mystery grows ever deeper and the danger more imminent.



R Lawson Gamble lives and writes in Los Alamos on the Central Coast of California. In addition to his Zack Tolliver, FBI series he has written a pictorial history of Los Alamos Valley for Arcadia Press and a novel featuring Australian animals in PAYU'S JOURNEY. The author is an ardent historian and recently appeared in a documentary about the bandit Salomon Pico shown on Invitation Au Voyage for ARTE Europe.

Each Zack Tolliver, FBI crime mystery novel transports the reader to another stunning location in the far west, exploring the particular culture, beauty, and quirks of the area as the mystery develops. A prequel to the series, entitled THE DARK ROAD, is now available. THE DARK ROAD describes Zack's first appearance in Navajo Land and brings Zack and Eagle Feather together for the first time. Keep your eye on R Lawson Gamble's Amazon page and RLawsonGamble.com for the latest news.

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  1. The book sounds very intriguing and certainly a genre I like. Congratulations on your newest novel.


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