Faithful Falls Series by Elle Linder

Luke Hamill: Before Faithful Falls
Faithful Falls Prequel
by Elle Linder
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Semper Fi and honor above all else

Luke Hamill, staunch in his convictions, is a family man who will go to any length to preserve his marriage, even leave his beloved Marines. After his final tour of duty, his life is upended by the two people he trusted most. Now, a new course is set, one that takes him to Faithful Falls, Idaho.

In this prequel to Stay With Me, Julia, discover what drove Luke to leave all that he knows, and discover Faithful Falls. Even though the road ahead is bumpy, it leads Luke to abundant love and a strong community beyond the horizon. Meet some friendly, unique locals and get comfy in the little tourist town, where those destined to together prove love is stronger than any obstacles life throws their way.

    Luke shoved his cell phone in his pocket, ready to burst into a million pieces of fiery frustration. The culprit, same as always, was Renee. Her calls never came at a good time, just like now, minutes before he was to greet Becky’s niece, Julia Greene.

    But did Renee care?

    Not in the least.

    Luke furiously marched up to the lodge, inhaling the frigid winter air. It did nothing to cool him down. He entered the quiet lobby, scanning from right to left.

    The pressure of measuring up was on him. The last five days had been a challenge, but one that he felt he had conquered. So why did Becky’s niece have to come up to Idaho?

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Stay With Me, Julia
Faithful Falls Book 1

She is only to be in Idaho for three months.

Her task is simple: run the lakeside resort in her aunt’s absence and return to her life in Los Angeles.

Easy. Or maybe not.

Ruggedly handsome Luke Hamill—Brook Trout Resort’s grounds manager—instantly piques her interest. A former Marine and divorced father of two, Luke introduces Julia to small town living and a passionate love like she’s never known. The mountain man is the total package: tender, strong, sexy, and honorable. He could be everything Julia wants… except for his problematic and meddling ex-wife.

Julia is smart, sensible, and irresistible, and she immediately captures Luke’s heart with her playful tenderness and saucy independence. Now he can’t imagine his life without her.

As Julia’s departure nears, Luke’s mission is clear: show her their love can conquer anything life throws their way.

Can Julia embrace her feelings for Luke, and will they be enough to keep her in Faithful Falls? Or will the challenges of a blended family make her abandon it all and head back to Southern California?

Stay With Me, Julia, is the first book in the Faithful Falls series, where those destined to be together prove love is stronger than the obstacles threatening to tear them apart.

    “Wait! Oh, no…he’s holding an employee badge.”

    “What does it say?”

    “Luke Hamill, Brook Trout Resort, Grounds Manager…crap!” Julia reached for the fob again and turned off the alarm. “I’m an idiot.”

    “No, you’re not. He shouldn’t have banged on your window—jerk! Doesn’t he know shit like that scares the bejeezus out of women?”

    Julia didn’t answer, staring at the hulk-like man with angry, squinty eyes beneath furrowed brows. His fiery gaze locked on hers as if she had just eaten the last slice of bacon straight off his plate. Terror filled her, looking at the black hair covering his face. The forceful tapping on the door handle continued. She hesitated but unlocked the door despite her racing heart, and it flung open.

Love Me, Lauren
Faithful Falls Book 2

She wants more than a one-night stand.

Lauren, a fiercely independent woman, is afraid to commit. Still, she secretly desires to fall in love.

Could it be that simple?

Enter Rick, ex-Marine and single dad, who is looking for a fresh start in Faithful Falls. He has big plans to open a brewery, and no time for love. When he crosses paths with Lauren, her formidable lure is irritating yet irresistible, and sparks fly.

Unexpectedly, Lauren is rattled when her past collides with her present, exposing her fears and insecurities. Once the truth is revealed, it may destroy Rick’s plans, her dreams, and their future.

Can they find the courage to face down Lauren's demons together and ignite the fire and passion that leads them to their HEA?

Love Me, Lauren is the second book in the Faithful Falls series. Reconnect with Luke and Julia and the quirky characters of this little Idaho tourist town.

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    Loneliness and vodka were a wicked combination, notorious for leading Lauren into a valley of bad choices. Loneliness made her stir crazy while vodka, as it did for many, numbed her emotions. Put the two together in a nightclub with strobing lights, gyrating bodies, and Lady Gaga belting out “Poker Face” and it could only mean one thing: one-night stand.

    Lauren blinked her eyes open. The warm hand on her thigh repulsed her as she lay still and tried to decide how to deal with it. Why hadn’t some science geek invented time travel? Probably for the same reason she never learned moderation; it simply did not exist in her lifetime.

    As she tried to roll out of bed without waking her bedmate, her long hair stopped her. She tugged on it firmly but carefully to not stir the naked man. This was the first time in her life she wished she had a pixie cut. Better yet, a shaved head.

    Mr. Hands groaned, turning toward the window and away from Lauren. She froze, sending up a silent prayer of thanks to anyone listening that he didn’t wake up.

    Continuing her escape, she slipped off the bed and tiptoed out of the bedroom, softly closing the door behind her. A shiver of disgust rippled through her, the cold air hitting her bare body making the entire situation worse. She ducked into her bathroom and pulled her bathrobe off the back of the door, slipping it on and tying a firm knot with the belt.

    What have I done?

Elle lives in NW Minnesota (or the Frozen Tundra, as she likes to call it) with her family. She has lived in all four corners of the U.S., and as a native California country girl, her heart yearns for the Pacific Coast. The One That Matters is Elle's first novel.

Elle is currently wrapping up several novels in the Faithful Falls series, which include:

Love Me, Lauren
Trust Me, Tiffani
Choose Me, Erika
Forgive Me, Kandace

To find out more about Elle's published books, future books, biography, and other information, visit her website and be sure to sign up for her newsletter while your there to stay up to date on her book releases and to participate in special promotions and giveaways.

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  1. As falls the faithful, so falls Faithful Falls.

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