Review Opportunity: Another Man's Freedom Fighter

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Another Man's Freedom Fighter
By Joseph Carter

Genre: Thriller (espionage, political, military)

A new thriller in the vein of James Rollins, Tom Clancy, and Olen Steinhauer, ANOTHER MAN’S FREEDOM FIGHTER pits an unlikely hero against the corrupt Russian kleptocracy.

While a covert stay-behind army fights for the freedom of a nation, a man fights for the safety of his family.

The Polish president’s controversial plan to end Russian occupation in East Ukraine has gone awry and the superpower brutally strikes back. NATO, divided and indecisive, leaves Poland to fend for itself. Under cover of a massive blackout, Russian forces take control of Warsaw. A guerrilla army valiantly fights for the nation’s survival and successfully pushes back… for now.

While security consultant Mark Sanders wants nothing more than just living his quiet family life in Berlin, he may not have much choice but to become involved in the geopolitical struggle. Dark secrets of the past quickly catch up to him as the Eastern conflict rises and he discovers dangerous information about Russian Spetsnaz hunting the Polish freedom fighters. He must join forces with Mlada – hacker extraordinaire with secrets of her own – to unravel the pieces of this conflict before he’s caught in the middle of something much larger.

Will Sanders and Mlada manage to evade the Russian agents sent to silence them? Can they stay alive long enough to reveal Russia’s political machinations to the public eye?

In this thrilling, action-packed story of war between East and West, author Joseph Carter brings life to a new hero – Mark Sanders – memorable long after turning the last page.

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