Review Opportunity: Daughter of Kali: Awakening

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Daughter of Kali: Awakening (Daughter of Kali Book 1)
By Shiulie Ghosh

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Kaz Deva just wants to be a normal 15 year old. She has normal problems after all; she never knew her dad, she's the only Indian girl in school, and the boy she's crushing on prefers her best friend.

But when her teacher turns into a monster before her very eyes, Kaz is drawn into a world of demons and gods, myth and magic. Nothing is as it seems – her Mum has secret superpowers, and there’s a shadowy organisation hidden on her doorstep.

Kaz discovers she's part of a long legacy of Warriors dating all the way back to the Hindu goddess Kali. But where does she fit into this ancient battle? What does Kali want from her? And can she control her own awakening powers before it’s too late?

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