Second Chances for Lottie Botte by Katy Lilley

Unhappy, friendless and dissatisfied with life in general, Lottie Botte isn’t afraid to let people know how she really feels.

When her husband Donald comes home and drops a bombshell, Lottie realises she is about to lose everything. Now is her chance to make some changes.

Second chances don’t come along very often, and Lottie must grab her opportunity with both hands, even if it means negotiating with the mysterious hot guy who is moving into her house…

Can Lottie become someone else - a less grotty, snotty Lottie?

 Imagine being in a marriage where you've decided to just settle with what you've got. You've made up your mind that this is 'just how it's going to be' and you aren't going to do anything about it.

That's exactly what Lottie Botte had done. And the very next morning her husband tells her he wants a divorce, oh... and by the way, I've sold the house including all of the contents. Typically, one gets a 30 day notice to be out of their house, but the now soon to be ex-husband adds "and I've agreed to let the new owner move in 2 weeks early" Lottie isn't worried, however, as she has been the one managing all of the finances and knows exactly how to protect herself from financial ruin.

This story is how Lottie overcomes a bad marriage, and re-establishes herself within the community as a newly single lady. While at times the story was a bit predictable, I did enjoy the telling of the tale and found a few of the incidents rather humorous.

In many ways, I could relate to Lottie. Re-establishing oneself after a divorce, whether you wanted it or not, can be both a trying and comical time in one's life.

I give the story 4 out of 5 stars, simply for the fact there are parts that were so predictable, you could see them coming a mile away. But overall, it was a good read.

I received an advance readers copy of the book, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion. 

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