The Matchmaker's Surrender by Tammy L. Bailey

The Matchmaker's Surrender
The Matchmaker Series Book 2
by Tammy L. Bailey
Genre: Historical Romance 

Surrendering her heart could be the scariest thing of all...

Miss Jane Dalton, one of London’s most successful matchmakers, believes it's much safer bringing couples together than falling in love herself. In fact, she could not think of anything more frightening than to have loved and lost.

Fate, however, disrupts her plans to remain a single matchmaker when Mr. Nicholas Waverley, her brother’s best friend, is forced to kidnap her after she becomes entangled in an assassin’s web.

Forced together under dangerous circumstances, Jane realizes her true feelings for Nicholas. In the end, however, is her love for him worth the fall?

The Matchmaker's Surrender is a Regency romance novella and the second book in The Matchmaker's Series.

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A knot of apprehension tightened in Jane’s belly. Still, she stepped out of the carriage and to the door, knocking twice. After a few moments of silence, she backed away, relieved. Who returned to retrieve a shawl this late and without an invitation? Well, apparently, she did. Embarrassed, she shifted back toward the carriage when the wide door clicked open.
“May I help you, Miss?”
Jane twisted around to find—instead of Mr. Waverley’s footman—the short, slight build of the housekeeper, Mrs. Fielding.
“Oh, I hope I didn’t wake you,” Jane said.
“No, Miss. Is the Master expecting you?”
Jane shook her head. “I…I left my shawl here earlier.”
Mrs. Fielding nodded and waved Jane inside, shutting the door behind her, and led Jane into the sitting room.
“Please, wait here,” she said. “I’ll be back soon.”
Jane stood still until heavy footsteps sounded on the staircase behind her. She turned just in time to see Mrs. Fielding bustling up the stairs, a candle in one hand and Jane’s shawl clutched in the other.
“Mrs. Fielding?” Jane called, but the housekeeper continued away from her.
“Oh, what are you about?” she whispered.
While sensibility begged Jane to remain where she stood, curiosity drove her forward and up the stairs. Light was scarce, and she crept at a cautious pace until two carved gilt-wood wall sconces illuminated her path on the landing.
When a cold draft flitted across the nape of her neck, she shivered and turned back the way she had come.
“I’ll buy another shawl,” she murmured. However, before she could take one step, a door clicked behind her, luring her to retrace her steps.
“Mrs. Fielding?”
Jane leaned forward, following a blood-red carpet runner down the muted hallway with her gaze. Like a snooping child, she tiptoed onward, both terrified and intrigued at the same time.
When she came to an open door, she peered inside. The room appeared empty except for a few chairs placed around a small round table illuminated by the flickering of a single half-melted candle.
“Hello?” she called, her voice breaking on the word. Her heart pounded inside her ears as she slipped across the threshold.
“I’d just like my shawl back,” she said.
In the hallway, the clomp of footsteps echoed on the runner carpet. Before she could turn around, a hand clamped over her mouth and hauled her into the darkest part of the room.
“I beg of you, do not move, do not breathe, do not blink.”

A LEO wife, mother, and military veteran, Tammy began writing when the shows and movies she watched didn't end the way she wanted them to end. Whether it's historical or contemporary, for her, there must always be a happy ending.

When she's not writing, she's spending time with her husband and two boys near Cleveland, Ohio. Without their sacrifice and understanding, she believes she would have never been able to pursue her passion of writing or her accomplishment of becoming a published author.

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