On a City Street by Pat Wahler


On a City Street
Pat Wahler
(A Becker Family Novel)
Publication date: July 9th 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
The cure for a painful breakup requires drastic measures. And quite often, a moving van…
When veterinarian Carolyn Becker catches her fiance cheating, her problem-solving skills come to the rescue. She swears off love and leaves suburbia for a fresh start in St. Louis to launch a low-cost animal clinic…and bury the past.
But new beginnings can be complicated. A mysterious man, a troubled teenager, and an injured dog trigger unsettling questions. Before she knows it, Carolyn’s best-laid plans unravel, and solutions are farther from her reach than Mars. Sometimes even a problem-solver can use a little help.
Especially when it comes to mending a broken heart.
“A reminder, Dr. Becker. If you run into anything unusual, tell me.”
She tried to make sense of what he said. “You mean at the clinic?”
“I mean anywhere. I’ve noticed you tend to run hell-bent into situations you don’t know anything about. It’s a good way to get yourself into a world of trouble.”
Carolyn mulled over his comment. “I wouldn’t do anything stupid.”
“All the same, take care.”
He certainly didn’t have much confidence in her good sense. It ought to make her furious. Instead, her body tingled. Was it the wine? Carolyn wasn’t sure. He moved closer. So close, she could feel his warm breath on her face. His expression remained impassive, yet she detected something within the silvery depths of his eyes.
His palm cupped her cheek and he said, “Are you sure it’s wise to trust me?” She didn’t have an answer since blood pounded through her veins in a most disconcerting way. His eyes held hers, and he leaned closer. Her lips parted, and she let her eyelids close against the magnetic attraction of his gaze. Would he kiss her? She waited expectantly.
A cell phone shrilled, and her eyes flew open. He uttered a soft curse and retrieved his phone. One glance at the screen darkened his face.
“What is it?”
“Sorry. This is important. I’ve got to go.”
“But…” She felt disembodied, as though abruptly awakened from a deep sleep, and pointed toward the oven. “What about dinner?”
“We’ll have dinner another day, but next time it will be on me.”
With one wicked grin, he retrieved his jacket from the chair where it hung. She watched until the door closed behind him, then pondered how to interpret what he said. Dinner? On him? What did he mean by that? A sudden burst of giggles erupted, which quickly turned into hiccups. She held her breath and counted to twenty. The hiccups subsided, but a wisp of smoke curled from the oven. Carolyn leaped up and raced for the kitchen.

Author Bio:
Pat Wahler is an award-winning writer who aims to pen stories a reader will savor. She lives in Missouri with her family, including a Peek-a-poo pup named Winston; and Bogey, a tabby with an attitude. A fan of good books, history, humor, animals, and the arts (her dream job would combine all of these); Pat draws inspiration from family, friends, and the critters who supervise her time at the keyboard.
A frequent contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies, Sasee Magazine, and Not Your Mother's Book anthologies; her work has also appeared in Reader's Digest, Storyteller Magazine, and other publications.
Pat's debut novel, I AM MRS. JESSE JAMES, was an Amazon #1 bestseller in Historical Fiction. This story of love, loss, and redemption is based on true events and told from the point of view of Zee James, wife of the infamous outlaw. The novel received a Silver IPPY Medal for Midwest Best Regional Fiction from the Independent Publishers Book Awards and won Best First Novel from Western Fictioneers.
Other titles by Pat Wahler include LET YOUR HEART BE LIGHT: A CELEBRATION OF CHRISTMAS - This Christmas-themed collection of short stories, essays, and poetry received a Reader's Choice Five-Star review
COMING SOON! ON A CITY STREET: First of a three book contemporary romance series, and was named a Five-star Readers' Favorite.



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