Running From Dust by Jess Whitby

Running From Dust
by Jess Whitby
Genre: Psychological Paranormal Thriller

"I could not put this book down." 5 Stars - Goodreads Reviewer

"An attention grabbing psychological thriller." 5 Stars - Goodreads Reviewer

Jude Craig is a level-headed teacher in a Yorkshire secondary school. Within a matter of days her professional and personal life is shattered by a series of strange events in her house. What starts with the sound of papers fluttering to the floor quickly escalates to her discovering that someone has been in the house whilst she is sleeping.

When Jude is driven out of her job and home she is forced to discover whether she is being haunted, stalked by a pupil, or the terrifying possibility that she is losing her mind.

Jess Whitby lives in Yorkshire, England. She studied Communication Studies at University and then went on to train and work as a Youth Worker. She now works as a Therapist in Yorkshire. When she isn't working she is busy either writing her next novel or eating her favourite food : chips and gravy!

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  1. Fantastic use of cover and shadow on the cover - very nice.

  2. I love Psychological thrillers and this one sounds like I'll truly enjoy it.

  3. Intriguing cover. Sounds like a thrilling read.

  4. The book sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The cover really draws one in. This looks like a good book for my autumn reading list.

  6. The cover is creepy and intriguing. o.o

  7. The title sounds appropriate for a thriller.

  8. What was one of your favorite scenes to write for this book?

  9. Interesting cover sounds like a great read.

  10. I like the cover. It looks mysterious and would make me pull it off the shelf to look closer and read the description.


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