#AtoZChallenge : Bigfoot Lives Forever in Idaho

This post is part of a month-long blogging challenge. The challenge is to start the month with the letter A and end the month on the letter Z.  I’ve chosen the same theme that I used last year, Books from my TBR. I have over 15K books in my TBR. Let’s explore some of those.

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Bigfoot Lives Forever In Idaho
By Becky Cook

Genre: Non-Fiction
Publication Date: August 29, 2019

All of us have had moments where life is suspended in time, when life seems frozen in an amazing snap shot. Occasionally we pull that experience out from the recesses of our mind - to look at it, to savor it, and to experience it again. It is at times like these when you wonder if you really saw what you think you just saw, like those times where you just can’t quite believe your eyes – like say, when you saw your first Bigfoot.

“It was bigger than anything I have ever seen – really tall and furry from head to toe! It was just so surprising – I didn’t expect to run into anything on a trip to the bathroom.”

“They are smart, and they can sit still for a really long time. Besides, they have the whole forest to hide in; no wonder people don’t see them real often.”

“I didn’t believe in Bigfoot, I thought it was a hoax. Now I believe it and I look at every bear track differently. I know they are up there. It’s one thing to think you see it and it’s another thing entirely to have one scare you half to death! Why lie when the truth is so much more amazing?”

Read along as more stories are told of the amazing Bigfoot who have been seen right here in Idaho – some of them near your own home.



Becky Cook is an award winning author and speaker. She has entertained many groups - large and small - and never seems to have trouble holding the interest of those in the audience.


  1. Too bad, I have never see a Bigfoot until now... maybe one day! This book is a non-fiction?
    Quilting Patchwork & Appliqué

    1. Yes! This is non-fiction. Stories of true sightings.

  2. I love that line, Why lie when the truth is so much more amazing!
    Happy Blogging :)
    B is for Betrayal

    1. Thank you! I do appreciate you stopping by :)

  3. Oh wow I always thought Bigfoot was fiction. An interesting narrative. Thanks for sharing


    1. He lives. and he is very real. That's all I'm gonna say about that ;) Seriously, you should check out the book. It's quite interesting.


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