Curse of the Blacknoc Witch

Curse of the Blacknoc Witch 
by Tori V. Rainn 
Genre: Fantasy 

Samuel dreamed of being a lot of things, but a monster trapped in a forest realm never entered his mind. The Blacknoc Curse wasn't supposed to be true, only a children's story meant to persuade them away from evil. Yet, here he was tasked with hunting cursed kids. There's nothing left for Samuel except the horror surrounding him.

Layla, a young girl tormented by the same curse, is dropped into the terrifying forest every night, running from the monsters intent on taking her life. She meets Samuel and vows to save all the children, especially Samuel, from their torment.

Working together can they defeat the Blacknoc Curse? 

Tori V. Rainn is a Texas-based fantasy novelist who is on a lifelong mission to inspire her readers through the power of imaginative storytelling. During her creative journey, an array of her short stories have been showcased in various online zines. It all started when she took a writing course at Writer's Village University, which earned her a Creative Writing Certificate. The moment she penned her first story, she knew writing was her ultimate calling and greatest passion. 

When she isn't crafting thrilling plots, you can find this avid video gamer watching her favorite shows, collecting unique knives, or going on meditative walks in the heart of nature. She is also a chocoholic and tea aficionada with an unquenchable sweet tooth. Above all else, Tori enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. It's action-packed with mystery, romance, magic, and a dash of humor. :)

  2. The book cover intrigues me. It's very mysterious and paranormal looking. This particular book cover makes me really want to read and review the paperback/print format of the book to find out what the book is like and what plot(s) are involved in the book.
    Hope I win.

  3. I'm really interested in reading this! Thank you for sharing


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