Bayou's Lament


Bayou's Lament 
A Labyrinth of Souls Novella #9 
by Cheryl Owen-Wilson 
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Horror 

Veya Marie St. James has vowed to never again set foot on the Island of her birth—a strip of land buried deep in the swamps of southern Louisiana. Her childhood memories are rampant with ancient superstitions and the bizarre rituals of her estranged mother. Veya long ago rejected that life and those beliefs, but when a mysterious illness threatens her daughter's life, it all leads to the Island. Veya swore she would never go back, but the Island calls to her, and now it's calling with her daughter's voice. 

The writing bug first snagged Cheryl Owen-Wilson through the penning of a personal essay, for which she received an award and publication. Today what drives her writing life is Southern Gothic fiction. Since her biological roots are buried not only in Oregon, but also deep in the bayous of Southern Louisiana the genre is a natural fit. 

When not writing she can be found at an easel covered in oil paint. “When I write I usually have painting in mind to go with the story. The same holds true when a painting forms, a story generally follows.” In that vein one of her paintings is featured on the ShadowSpinners: A Collection of Dark Tales, book jacket. You can find her short story: Swamp Symphony, in the book’s collection. This is Cheryl’s first published novella. 

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  1. The cover is interesting. I like the graphics.

  2. The cover is intriguing - so much to see

  3. I like the cover. It really conveys the creepiness of the story.

  4. wild things happen in the bayou and that is all i need to know.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  5. I like the cover. It fits the genre well. The book sounds good. I like horror. Thanks for the chance.

  6. Whoa, that last sentence, simple as it is, gave me chills.

  7. Interesting cover, sounds like a page turner!


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