Hollywood Flirt



Hollywood Name Game, Book 2

Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Release Date: August 27, 2020


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From internationally bestselling romance author Alexa Aston - Book Two in the exciting Hollywood Name Game – a stunning new contemporary romance series. Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


She’s Hollywood royalty whose trail vanished a dozen years ago.

He doesn’t do relationships and thinks commitment is a four-letter word.

They Google each other . . . and sparks fly . . .

Sydney Revere, the daughter of a famous movie couple, left Hollywood behind over a decade ago. Christened The Wild Child by the media, she reinvents herself as a serious student who becomes an attorney and marries a safe, predictable man. When her husband cheats on her and the law loses its glitter, Sydney returns to Hollywood. Her father hires her to storyboard his upcoming movie, No Regrets—and then stuns Sydney when he offers her the job as his assistant director.

Dash DeLauria is a rising actor who hasn’t trusted a woman since his mother left. He’s now the guardian of his mentally-challenged brother. Dash is looking to grow professionally and after he wins the lead in No Regrets, he finds he’s lost his heart and soul to Sydney. With both their careers on the upswing, life is sweet.

But Sydney’s ex-husband isn’t finished with her yet. Discovering who she really is—and that she’s wealthy—he tracks her to California, ready to start over with her again.

No matter what it takes . . .


Hollywood Flirt is the second book in the Hollywood Name Game series. Each book in the series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.






Who are you? Was she serious?

Every woman in America knew Dash DeLauria. He couldn’t pump his own gas or grab a latte in Starbucks. A stylist came to his house when he needed a haircut. How could she not know who he was?

Whoever she was, she was hot. Despite the sleek navy business suit and conservative shell under it that made her look totally establishment. Despite the dull brown hair, which didn’t seem to go with the rest of her. The remaining package?

It was everything Dash liked.

She was very tall and at six-three, he liked a tall woman. She had flawless, incandescent skin. Green eyes the color of summer grass that popped. Without a doubt, she possessed the most kissable mouth he’d seen in a long time. He already itched to put his lips next to hers and take them for a spin.

“Who are you?” he replied, turning the tables back to her. Maybe she was Monty Revere’s personal assistant. Or accountant. She sure as hell wasn’t his housekeeper—but Dash would love to play house with her. Anytime.

“I asked first.” She eyeballed him calmly but he saw the pulse point jump in her throat. Despite her cool and collected outside, he had an effect on this woman.

“Who would you like me to be?” he asked, mimicking Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

“Are you serious? You’re flirting with me? I don’t believe this.” Her eye roll would put any teenage girl to shame.

“Oh, baby, you’d know if I was flirting with you,” he teased, his interest in her growing by the minute. Dash was never interested in women. They were always interested in him.

She jerked the box from his hands and shoved the money at his chest. The minute she touched him, electric sparks shot through him.


About the Author

Award-winning and internationally bestselling author Alexa Aston lives with her husband in a Dallas suburb, where she eats her fair share of dark chocolate and plots out stories while she walks every morning. She’s a binge fiend (The Crown and Ozark are favorites) who enjoys travel, sports, and time with her family.

Her historical romances bring to life loveable rogues and dashing knights, while her contemporary romances are light and flirty and sometimes contain a bit of suspense.


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