Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams 
Children of Chaos Series 
by Kae Galla 
Genre: Paranormal Romance 

There are stories and legends written, all around the world, about my father. Many of those tales, although highly fictionalized, do speak some semblance of truth. My father is what you’d call “The Sandman.” 

For eternity, the men in my family have traversed the realm of dreams, putting the world to sleep. It’s a great honor and fantastic ability…at least, that’s what my father says. 

I wouldn’t know, because I have yet to gain my legacy. 

As the school year comes to a close, and I spend more time with the loneliest girl in class, things begin to change. 

What will happen when her secrets come to light? 

Will I be able to help her? 

Will she be able to help me? 

**Only 99 cents!** 

My name is KAE Galla and I've loved writing since before I knew how. I'd sit with my mom and grandma telling them exactly what I wanted my story to be, and they would write it down under misshapen scribbles I tried to pass off as art work. It wasn't until years later that I finally decided to go full throttle with my passion and share it with the world. Now, thanks to the support of my loving family, great friends, and an amazing team, my dream of becoming an author are reality. My heart is in Paranormal Romance, and Romance in general, but I love challenging myself and broadening my horizons so you can bet there is more to come! 

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  2. I have read most of KAE Galla's books. I am never disappointed.

  3. I like the cover. The eyes draw you in.

  4. The cover looks like it's in an appropriate dream state. Very compelling.

  5. The book cover is great! I'm mesmerized by the eyes!

  6. I like the cover, and paranormal is my favorite genre. Thanks for the chance. It sounds good.

  7. The cover is fabulous. I love the gold effect and his eyes draw you in.

  8. Love the cover. Grabs your attention.

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