The Matchmaker and The Marine

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She vowed never to date again. He swore he’d hide his handicap forever. Can undeniable chemistry overcome both their fears?

Widowed matchmaker Melinda Phillips wants everyone to experience the kind of love she lost. Though she’s committed to a lonely life, her skill at pairing perfect couples has her business thriving and her work in demand. But when she trips at a client’s wedding into the arms of a handsome Marine, she can’t help but feel that the falling has only just begun.

Adam Bell’s amputated leg is a crippling reminder of his war-torn past. So after his girlfriend rejected his new body and kicked him to the curb, he pledged to protect his heart as fiercely as he defended his country. But after a chivalrous rescue during a friend’s nuptials, he wonders if he’s given up on love too soon.

Hired to find Adam the woman of his dreams, Melinda is surprised to discover the ideal candidate is herself. But as their relationship blossoms, the tortured former serviceman believes his hidden disfigurement will cost him everything again.

Can two broken souls let go of their traumatic pasts to give happiness a second chance?

The Matchmaker and The Marine is an inspiring standalone romance novel. If you like rich backstories, learning to heal, and giving into dreamy temptation, then you’ll adore Lucinda Race’s sweet story.

Read an Excerpt

After making the short drive to the country club, Melinda parked in the crowded lot. As she crossed the parking area to the reception hall she daydreamed of how nice it would be to take off her pumps and walk barefoot. She reached for the brass knob on the carved wood door. Before she could turn the knob, it burst open. She took a step back. Her heel caught a crack in the stone step. She began to fall backward when strong hands caught her and held on tight.

A deep voice next to her ear said, “It’s okay, I’ve got you.”

Melinda looked up into warm brown eyes. It was the man from the chapel.

“Um, thank you.” She smoothed her hand over her simple navy-blue dress and then pushed a curl behind her ear. “I’m not sure what happened.”

“It looks like your heel got caught.”

She gave him a small smile. “It’s a good thing you were there to catch me.”

With a slight stiff bow, he said, “Adam Bell, at your service, ma’am.”

His face held little emotion, almost formal, she thought. People strolled past them into the building, but Melinda couldn’t help but notice he carried himself with a distinct military bearing. Unsure if he was being old-fashioned or teasing her, she said, “We should go inside.”

He crooked his arm and said, “I’d be happy to escort you safely through the door.”

With a small laugh Melinda placed her hand on his arm. In a soft southern drawl, she said, “Thank you, kind sir.”

“So, tell me, are you a friend of Stacey or Will?” he asked.

“I guess you could say both.” She looked at him. “I’m Melinda Phillips.”

His eyes grew wide. “You’re the matchmaker?”

“I am.” As they stepped through the doorway, she withdrew her hand.

About the Author
Award winning author Lucinda Race is a lifelong fan of romantic fiction. As a young girl, she spent hours reading novels and dreaming of, one day, becoming a writer and spreading love in romance books.

As life twisted and turned, she found herself writing nonfiction but longed to turn to her true passion. After developing the storyline for The Loudon Series, it was time to start living her dream. With fingers flying over computer keys, she does her best to weave stories about strong women and the men who love them.

Lucinda lives with her husband and their two little dogs, a miniature long hair dachshund and a shitzu mix rescue, in the rolling hills of western Massachusetts. When she's not at her day job, she’s immersed in her fictional worlds. And if she’s not writing romance novels, she reading everything she can get her hands on. It’s a good thing her husband loves takeout. (He doesn’t cook.)

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  1. Good evening, my question for you today is do you enjoy reading other genres besides romance?

    1. HI Bea,
      I actually read many different genres. I love cozy mystery and books with lots of suspense, think Dan Brown, James Patterson, J.D. Robb. I enjoy nonfiction too and my secret passion is reading cookbooks. If I receive one as a gift I'll spend hours reading it page by page. Someone wrote all those words, right? :)
      But I do love a good romance or women's fiction with romantic elements and throw in some paranormal, like a good witch and you've capture my attention.
      Thanks for the question.
      All my best,

    2. Lucinda Race
      I love all types of books, romance, cozy mystery, suspense, think Dan Brown, JD Robb, James Patterson. I also love reading cook books cover to cover.
      But good romance or women's fiction with romance hooks me every time. It can have any subgenera too. Throw in a witch or magic and I'm there for hours.


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