Paws for Concern


Paws for Concern (A Canine Confections Mystery)
by Amy Hueston

About Paws for Concern

Paws for Concern (A Canine Confections Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Publisher: Donelson Press (August 22, 2020)
Paperback: 264 pages
ISBN-10: 1944066373
ISBN-13: 978-1944066376
Digital ASIN: B08GJBM98M

Life is good for Samantha Armstrong. She left her cheating boyfriend, settled into her cozy cottage on her Aunt Mary’s Palm Beach estate and is finally opening Canine Confections, her dream dog bakery on the ritzy Worth Avenue.

But Samantha’s happy new life goes doggone crazy when Palm Beach resident and pastry shop owner Whitney Goodwin is found dead on Canine Confections’ floor, whisking Samantha into the middle of a murder investigation. The only bright spot is that she finds herself adopting Whitney’s loveable dog Sweet Pea.

As the killer strikes again, it’s obvious that the shopkeepers on Worth Avenue are the target. Samantha’s impatience won’t let sleeping dogs lie. She takes it upon herself to move things along by padding around town with Sweet Pea and sniffing out clues to clear her name and Canine Confections’ reputation—before it is too late …

Includes a recipe from Chef Sarah Deters at the test kitchen of Three Dog Bakery, the original bakery for dogs!

Character Guest Post


I can’t believe she’s letting me talk. Samantha, I mean. And our author Amy Hueston. 

I’m Bethany and after I heard what Samantha said about me, I wanted to speak for myself. 

First of all, I’m not snippy. I’m truthful. And confident. And I like to have fun. I’m from Palm Beach and no, that doesn’t mean I’m snooty. The people who live here are the same as anywhere else. Some are nice and some aren’t. If people want to think I’m snooty just because I like to be sarcastic and give people the business, so be it.

I’m a hard-working person. I opened Gallery Bebe a few months ago and between finding artists whose work I want to promote and talking to buyers about which piece would look best in their home, I keep busy. There was a learning curve because I spent a lot of my younger days on the yacht or flying to the fashion shows in Milan. But I was always fond of art. More than poor, dead Whitney. All she wanted to do was party and sneak into restaurants after hours to see if she could get away with it. That crowd of hers was a bad influence. 

I’m not too happy about that Sweet Pea dog right next door to my art gallery. I’m afraid she’s going to affect my business. I know a lot of people around here like dogs, but what about those who don’t? If that Samantha and her new dog get in the way of my gallery getting up and running, so help me …

And while we’re talking, it’s a shame it’s taking so long to find out what happened to Whitney. You’d think with her parent’s connections, Detective Trumble and his team would move things along more quickly. If he’d get rid of that ridiculous lollipop he seems to always have in his mouth, maybe he could concentrate on finding the murderer.

Canine Confections is right next door to my gallery and nosy people are coming by at all hours to get a picture of the dog bakery where a dead body was found. I feel awful about Whitney being dead, but the first year of a new business is the hardest. Just because I don’t have to worry about money or backing like Samantha does, doesn’t mean I want my new venture to be a complete flop. 

I like to tease Samantha about who and what she should believe and it’s driving her nuts. One minute I tell her that Whitney and I hardly knew each other, the next I’m telling her I’ve known Whitney since kindergarten. I can see from the look on her face that she doesn’t know which end is up. It’s pretty funny to watch.

I’m hoping you and I can get to know each other better in the future. I want you to know I’m not all about teasing people and snippy comments. Though the two things do seem to make life a heck of a lot more fun.

Some of my friends. Now do they look snooty to you?

5 Ways to Handle a Snob | Psychology Today

Why Snobby Women Are a Waste of Time

Where in the world are you most likely to find a female billionaire?

How do wealthy women dress in the US? - Quora


About Amy Hueston

Author Amy Hueston writes mini-mysteries for Woman’s World when she isn’t writing mysteries and suspense books. Paws for Concern is the first book in A Canine Confections Mystery series.

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  1. Hi, "Literary Gold!" I'm thrilled to be here! Thanks so much for letting my character from Paws For Concern have her say. I hope you and your readers enjoy my book.

  2. So excited to be here! Talk to me, people! And thank you so much, Literary Gold and Great Escapes for letting me visit. Woo hoo!

  3. Very cute cover. Sounds like a good mystery. Thanks for the chance.

    1. Hi, Lynn! So glad you're here. Good luck on the chance to win and I hope you're having a cozy day.


    2. Lynn, do you think these women look snooty, or stylish?

  4. Cute cover and I love your title. Congratulations on your book!

    1. Thank you so much, Jackie. I'm glad you like the cover. If you read it, I hope you like what's inside too. :D So do you think the women here look snooty? They are the type of people who are friends with Bethany on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, until Samantha, her dog Sweet Pea, and the others come along.

  5. What an adorable cover! I absolutely have to read this cozy mystery... thanks for sharing!

    1. Catrina! Thank you! I hope you like it. There's dogs, dog pastry, sunshine and murder.😁🌞

  6. Love the cover! Sounds like a book I would really enjoy reading.

    1. Thank you so much, Diannekc.If you like light fluffy mysteries with dogs and pastry you'll hopefully like this. A cat shows in Book 2. And there's Palm Beach and all those crazy folks and their shenanigans.😁

  7. Thank you for the giveaway! The book sounds fantastic and I just love the cover!!!!

    1. You're welcome, Shannon and thank you so much for being here. :)


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