The Techno Mage


The Techno Mage
by S.W. Raine
Genre: Steampunk Fantasy 

She's being held hostage and yet, Magaliana doesn't want to be saved.

Close friends Ikarim, Arteus, and Magaliana always knew the dangers of sky pirates, but what they didn't expect was having their airship repair shop pillaged and being separated when Magaliana, a noble, is sold for a hefty bounty.

Once in the hands of the Techno Mage, her world changes. He's a mythical man with the ability to flawlessly combine both technology and alchemy, and his mythical ship is a haven for Magaliana. There, she discovers how to refine her craft.

Ikarim and Arteus are determined to escape the sky pirates to save her, but do they have what it takes before the Techno Mage initiates his grand plan?

She searched for tools and bottles on every floor but found none. She was a woman on a mission: if she was to be kept upon the Faugregir for any duration of time, she needed to keep herself busy, and the golems in the cemetery would give her plenty to do.

Eventually, she arrived on an unfamiliar floor. She cast the attendant a curious glance as she stepped off the lift, but he said and revealed nothing. The wide hallway was similar to the one that led to the room she stayed in, but the door at the end was much smaller and made of thick steel. Try as she might, she couldn’t remember being shown this particular level during her tour.

The maddening hum was particularly obvious here, and Magaliana had to grit her teeth to ignore it. She gently placed a palm against the steel and could feel ever-so-faint vibrations. Trailing her hand down to the intricately carved doorknob, she tentatively turned the handle and pushed.

The door opened. She stepped into the room and carefully shut the door behind her, trying to be as quiet as possible; she had the feeling that she wasn't supposed to be there, but something had caught her eye.

Glowing green vines were tangled about the wall, ceiling, and floor of the room, which was much, much bigger than the steel door suggested. She inspected some of them and realized that they were tiny wires much like the ones contained inside the golems, full of green liquid. Unlike those, however, these vines appeared to move, almost as if they were alive. Unsure what to make of them, Magaliana found her way to the center of the room where she’d swear she hit the jackpot.

Thick, wooden tables were filled to the brim with blown glass bottles, containers, and plates of powders. Controlled fires burned in a few jars, and she shivered from excitement. This was her area of expertise. The equipment was more than she had owned in Gesselmeyer's shop, and definitely more diverse than what they owned in his house. Enraptured, she inspected every single object until she spotted a figure past the curios with black markings on his back and shoulders, sitting cross-legged in front of the tall window.

Startled, Magaliana took a step back, accidentally bumping her hip into the table and knocking off one of the bottles, which shattered as it hit the floor. She brought both hands up to her mouth, her eyes wide in a mixture of fear and apology.

The figure stirred from his meditation. “Dame Magaliana.”

She froze. The person with markings over his body was none other than the Techno Mage, and he knew that she was standing behind him without even turning around.

Raine is Canadian, born and raised, and constantly moved in between Ontario and Quebec with her military family. She moved to Michigan, USA, in 2004, where she currently still resides with her husband and son.

She has always had a vivid imagination and loved reading and writing from a very young age. She took courses in Children's Literature through ICL in Illinois, and published her New Adult Steampunk debut in 2020. She has participated in NaNoWriMo for over a decade and is currently a Municipal Liaison for the Detroit region.

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  1. The cover is stunning. I have not read much Steampunk Fantasy.

  2. I haven't read much Steampunk, but I have enjoyed what I've read. This looks like one I would pick up.

  3. Thanks for hosting me today! - SW Raine

  4. OMG, I love the cover. It really makes me want to jump right in and start reading to find out what it's all about.


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