Mary & Bright


Mary & Bright
by Katharine E. Hamilton
Genre: Sweet and Clean Holiday Romance

Mary Rutherford dreads Christmas time. Having grown up in one of the most influential families in town, her Christmas holidays are spent attending her father’s company Christmas party and silently blending into the background. This year, however, her parents insist she plan the party, and with little help from her mother, Mary reaches out to an old friend for help: Brighten Smith.

Brighten Smith recently moved back to his hometown to escape California and the disappointment of a failed relationship. Helping his grandmother at her local bakery provides him the opportunity to catch up with old acquaintances and friends. When he finds Mary Rutherford needs a caterer for her family’s grand Christmas party, he volunteers for the job, though he has zero experience. As he learns more about Mary, he finds he wants to do more than cater her party; he wants to give her the best Christmas ever.

Can he and Mary pull off a successful Christmas partnership?

And can Brighten give Mary an unforgettable Christmas?

**Only 99 cents!**

Katharine E. Hamilton graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and uses her knack for research in all her stories. She is a Southern Belle with a pinch of sass, and when she is not writing she can be found chasing around her toddler son, driving around the ranch, or baking delicacies for local parties and events. Katharine currently resides on a ranch in South Texas where the skies and rivers, in all their beauty, rejuvenate the soul.

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  1. This looks like a book I would put in someone's Christmas stocking. It would make a nice present.

  2. The cover gets me in the mood for Christmas and romance.

  3. So much going on here that I like! The play on Merry and Bright with Mary and Brighten, the cover, the story. Reading the synopsis made me want to go to our local bakery, grab a treat, and sit and read this book!

  4. I think the cover is perfect and would love to read a print copy and reivew on a few sites. I read Christams books all year around I love them as they keep me positive as I am battling a disease RSD. peggy clayton

  5. The cover looks friendly and inviting. It looks like it will be a nice romantic story. Perfect for the holidays.

  6. This looks like a great holiday story. Thanks for sharing.


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