Reading Challenge Check-In January 2021


Time to check in for a monthly accountability on the Reading Challenges I’m participating in

I can’t believe how quickly this month has flown by.  As you may or may not recall, I was a little unsure about taking on these challenges as it took me practically a full year to get through one book last year.  As it turns out, the problem wasn’t me. It was that book! After completing that book, I managed to quickly read 12 more short books to meet my GoodReads goal, plus one. 

By the time January 1 rolled around, I was amped up and ready to do some serious reading. 

Here’s my January progress:

Alphabet Soup Challenge - I’ve managed to read something that represents all of the letters, with the exception of the letter R. This will be completed in February.  There was also a Bonus keyword challenge attached for the month of January that I completed.

Alphabet Soup Challenge - Author Edition - As with the Title Challenge, I’ve managed to read something that represents all of the letters, but this time with the exception of the letters N & Y. Yep, these will also be completed in February.

Craving For Cozies - 29 Cozy Mysteries read. This puts me into the ‘Famished’ category. 

Literary Escapes - I read a lot of books that didn’t have a definitive location, but I have ‘visited’ these locations so far:









New Jersey

New Mexico

New York








Canada (Ontario)


Isle of Man



New Zealand

Cloak & Dagger Challenge -  30 Mysteries. This puts me into the ‘Inspector’ category

Mount TBR - I’ve managed to knock out 27 books from my TBR list that continues to grow faster than I can keep up! I still have well over 15,000 titles on my TBR list. While I’m currently now in the ‘Mount Vancouver’ category, I have a feeling I’m going to be climbing A VERY LONG TIME…

Keyword Challenge - This is different from the Bonus Monthly keyword challenge attached to the Alphabet Soup Challenge.  The Challenge for January were the keywords “End, Princess, Dance, Midnight, Court, Why, Winter, Story”   I chose Midnight and completed the challenge with the book “Chasing Lady Midnight” by CL Ragsdale

A Personal Challenge of mine is to track the number of pages read. So far this year, I have read 6,948 pages.

Overall, I read a total of 45 books in January.  You can see the books that I have read this year HERE.

I’d say that January was a HUGE success! How are you doing with your reading challenges? 


  1. That's a lot of books! If you review any of the cozies that are food-related (or any other food-focused book), I'd love to have you link up to Foodies Read. For February the link is at

    1. I'm in! Off to a good start with my first read being a Foodies Read. Thank you for the invitation.


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