Pride of Ashna


Pride of Ashna
Foundra Book 2
by Emmanuel M Arriaga
Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera

In the Outer Rim, a lawless region of space filled with violence, a young girl vows vengeance against the marauding pirate bands who brutally murdered her family.

After enlisting with the zealous matriarchal Ashna Maidens who attempt to police the Outer Rim, Serah'Elax quickly becomes a powerful weapon.

Meanwhile, a ruthless pirate band has taken over a cruise ship deep within Alliance space. They run into unexpected trouble when they encounter a few members of the highly trained force of military specialists known as the Founder’s Elites, who happened to be vacationing on the vessel. Disturbed by the boldness of the pirates, the Alliance tasks the rest of the Founder’s Elites with dealing a powerful blow to the marauders, who normally operate in the Outer Rim, once and for all. However, they quickly discover that things in the Outer Rim are not as expected.

The young warrior and Founder’s Elites must come together to face an extradimensional threat left over from the Rift War that seeks to turn the last bastion of safety in the Outer Rim into something that could threaten the entire Twin Galaxies. Will the new allies have the cunning necessary to defeat this insidious threat or will it tear the Ashna Maidens apart from the inside?

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Foundra Book 1

The Huzien Empire has existed for 80 millennia and a powerful invisible force known as the enesmic permeates every aspect of the Twin Galaxy.

Neven is an engineer working for the pinnacle of scientific achievement known as the MinSci on the Huzien homeworld of Thae. His genius draws the attention of one of the immortal Founders and he finds himself drafted into the military as part of an elite group of special forces known as the Founder’s Elites. Not given much time to adjust, his team is called to investigate stories of otherworldly creatures attacking fringe colony worlds.

Soahc is the most powerful wielder of the enesmic in the Twin Galaxy, he’s also incredibly cocky. That is until he senses a powerful shifting in the enesmic that he can’t explain. Terrified that something is horribly wrong, Soahc leaves his comfortable planet and hitches a ride with Neven and the Founder’s Elites as they investigate the carnage on the fringes of the empire.

Neven, Soahc and their allies discover something ancient from another plane of existence. Something that exposes the fragility of their galactic empire as they fight to survive annihilation from enesmic beings.


*Reader Reviews for Foundra*
Well written, ambitious sci-fi epic.”
An entire space saga you won't want to put down.”
Amazing characters, exciting new world, incredible writing.”
If you love reading about galactic empires, get your hands on this book.”
An elaborately fun sci fi story.”

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Emmanuel M. Arriaga grew up in the inner city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From a young age, he was obsessed with fantasy and science fiction. Breaking the shackles of a low-income life, Emmanuel developed an interest in science, technology and engineering. He went on to graduate from Pennsylvania State University with a Master's in Information Science.

For almost a decade, Emmanuel has sought to share his vivid imagination with the world, learning the art of story crafting and eventually becoming an award-winning author. With a love for travel, gadgets and volunteering, Emmanuel is enjoying life and helping others.

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  1. The covers are perfect for the story. The second cover is my favorite. She looks really lethal.

    1. Thanks Debby! I have an amazing cover designer named Jeff Brown who created both covers.

  2. This sounds like an amazing science fiction book! I really like the cover!

  3. This sounds like an interesting sci-fi.

    1. Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be hanging out in the comments for a bit.

  4. Author do you ever get writers block? How do you handle it?

    1. Hey, thanks for the question. My answer to this question is a bit controversial. I don't believe in writer's block. Let me explain:

      I think it’s an excuse we typically use when we refuse to change or adapt a part of the story because it’s not working. It’s easy to fall into wanting to keep something in a story because you invested all this thought and planning into it. But your subconscious is telling you it doesn’t work and the moment you let that go, the “block” disappears, and the creative energies are flowing. This is primarily why I’m willing to deviate from my story outline without a second thought and why I don’t allow myself to accept the writer’s block excuse.

  5. I have not read any Space Opera before, but I imagine it to be larger than life.

    1. Hey Mary, Space Opera is a fun genre for me, mainly because it's filled with epic adventure and multilayered narratives that give you a sense of a broader universe. As an author, it also gives me the freedom to explore multiple cultures and societies in a way that makes them feel real.

      It's a constant balance to ensure the narrative remains coherent and on track because it would be very easy to run off into myriad side quests (to use a video game term) in a way that distracts away from the story when you have such a large universe to work with. In Foundra and Pride of Ashna, every part of the narrative in some way ties back into the overarching story, even if its not immediately apparent how at the start.

  6. Looks like something interesting to read.


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