Murder Most Pemberley


Murder Most Pemberley (Eliza Darcy Mysteries)
by Jessica Berg

About Murder Most Pemberley 

Murder Most Pemberley (Eliza Darcy Mysteries)
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing (March 8, 2021)
Paperback: 288 pages
ISBN-10: 1948051656
ISBN-13: 978-1948051651
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing, LLC (February 16, 2021)

Eat a crumpet. Check. Say “bloody hell” in an English pub. Check. Solve three murders and fall in love? Definitely not on the list. But when England dishes up murder, even an American girl knows it’s time to channel her inner Agatha Christie.

American Eliza Darcy travels to Merry Old England to partake in a Darcy/Bennet family reunion for one reason: to solve the estrangement between her father and uncle. Not long after Eliza’s arrival and exploration of the vast estate of her ancestors, a dead body surfaces. Murder and mayhem replace afternoon teas and flirting with her British heartthrob. Eliza has every intention of keeping her snoot out of official Scotland Yard business, but when clues to the murder begin to merge with her investigation into her family’s rift, her inner wannabe sleuth self-activates.

With the help of her batty great-aunt and the sexy Heath Tilney, Eliza hurries to untangle the web of lies and secrets. As corpses start to pile up faster than the clues, Eliza fears the estate’s family graveyard will swallow another body: hers.

Character Guest Post

Watch out, England, here we come!

Well, my bags are packed—after several hours of unpacking and repacking, courtesy of my best friend, Belle—and Caesar, my cat, sniffs at his pink rhinestone cat carrier suspiciously. Little does the poor thing now that in a bit, I’ll stuff him inside, and there he’ll snuggle in for a journey of a lifetime to England, a place neither of us has been. 

No self-respecting English teacher like myself would ever go anywhere without books! And, as my destination is England, I thought it only proper to load up my Kindle with Agatha Christie books to help pass the time. My favorite, of course, is The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, and if you haven’t had a chance to delve into that one, I encourage you to not waste another moment. One of my goals upon reaching England—besides attending the Darcy/Bennet family reunion at Pemberley, is to visit the Agatha Christie Museum, located in her birthplace of Torquay, England. Why you ask? Simple. She’s awesome! And I can prove it. 

Did you know that Agatha Christie published her first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, in 1920, giving rise to Hercule Poirot, her acclaimed detective? I thought that was pretty cool too. What I didn’t know, and neither did Caesar—if blinking at me with his bi-colored eyes and licking his six-toed paw indicates ignorance—was that Christie’s time working as a pharmacist’s assistant gave her a knowledge of poisons, and that inspired her first detective novel. 

That first novel incited a career unprecedented by any other author…ever. In fact, the only books that have outsold Christie’s are the Bible and Shakespeare. Her play, The Mousetrap, is the longest running play in the world—that’s right, you read that correctly. The world! Can we just have a moment to appreciate Christie’s brilliance? 

Christie’s talent in creating fictional stories saved at least two people’s lives and brought a serial killer to justice. After reading Christie’s novel, The Pale Horse, which details the signs and symptoms of thallium poisoning, a woman from Latin America realized her husband was poisoning her, a nurse saved a baby’s life by recognizing the signs of thallium poisoning, and to top it all off with a cherry, authorities were able to pin at least three fatal poisonings on Graham Young. In fact, Christie’s experience with poisons, poisonous plants, and general love for all growing things, has led to a garden in her honor: a Potent Plants Garden. Here, if you dare to walk amongst the foliage, you will find beautiful but deadly plants. 

Well, sharing my love of Christie and her works has not only heightened my own, but it’s made me late for my flight. I must stuff my cat in his carrier and my luggage in Belle’s trunk. To be honest, I’m not only terrified of flying, but I’m scared witless over meeting my extended family. 

I’ve already taken up too much of your time, but I do hope I can tell you all about the secret family rift that tore my father from Pemberley and from England. That is, after I figure it out! I must dash…Belle’s tapping her toes—never a good sign. 



P.S. If I inspired you to investigate Agatha Christie and her works, the best place to start and the place where I began my research journey is

About Jessica Berg

Jessica Berg, a child of the Dakotas and the prairie, grew up amongst hard-working men and women and learned at an early early age to “put some effort into it.” Following that wise adage, she has put effort into teaching high school English for over a decade, being a mother to four children (she finds herself surprised at this number, too), basking in the love of her husband of more than fifteen years and losing herself in the imaginary worlds she creates.

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  1. This brief look at Murder Most Pemberley makes me want to pour a cuppa and read!

    1. Awesome!! Let me know what you think whenever you do pour a cuppa and read:)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I had such a blast writing it:)

  3. The blurb sounds like a fun mystery. Lots of family drama to be had. Thanks for the chance.

    1. I had an absolute blast writing this mystery:)


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