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The future of Cupid’s Catering Company hangs in the balance. With a rival bakery, owned by the queen of all mean, rich girls, Della is at a distinct disadvantage.

Della hinges her financial future on winning the local truffle contest. As if there wasn’t enough on her mind, additional problems arise, including missing cats, jewel thieves, and her desperate attempt to find the incredibly kind man who’d lent her hand when she had tire trouble.

Can she solve all these problems and find time to whip up a cookbook at the same time?

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Even before she picked up the phone, she felt apprehensive. Why call when she’d see her mother at the bakery in less than thirty minutes. “Hello, Mother. I’m almost in the car.”

“Good! I need your help.” Mabel rushed the words together, forcing Della to decipher the bunched words before answering.

For most of her life, her mother had helped Della. Sometimes, almost too much, which came from being a surprise baby to a couple who had given up hope on having children. As the only child, Della felt obliged to be the best she could be after one of her school mates pointed out her parents had invested all their hopes and dreams in her. A staggering responsibility for a primary school-aged child to handle, but she had dealt with it.

“What’s wrong?”

“I need a jeweled cat collar. Red. Lots of rhinestones.”

“Mom…” she stretched out the word, making it into more of a question.

“Buy whatever styles they have. We can return the ones that don’t work.”

Even though her brain might not function at its full capacity without coffee first, almost anyone could deduce an incident occurred involving Prince Purrfection of the jeweled collar. There was a good chance Tony could be the culprit.

“Ah, did Tony hurt Prince? Did Prince hurt Tony? What’s up with the collar?”

Her mother inhaled audibly. “Time is of the essence. Vanessa is going to start looking for her cat once the storm passes. I need a new collar on the feline diva before I push him out the door. Tony thinks I’ve gone traitor by even letting her into the house.” 


Truffle Me Not was an awesome read. I couldn’t stop reading it once I started. I became so engrossed in the story, that the next thing I knew it was over. 

I loved each of the characters. They seemed to come to life for me as I read this book. Each of their personalities were very well written and I felt as though I knew exactly the type of person they were. You have your mean girl, the sweet guy, the creepy guy,  the nosy neighbor, and the intrusive yet lovable mother. And there are pets involved. 

I didn’t read book one in this series (Wedding Cake Blues) but after reading this book, I may need to find a copy to read. Also, there’s a book three coming out in July! This is looking like a great series.

About the Author: M. K. Scott is the husband and wife writing team behind The Painted Lady Inn Mysteries and The Talking Dog Detective Agency. Morgan K Wyatt is the general wordsmith, while her husband, Scott, is the grammar hammer and physics specialist. He uses his engineering skills to explain how fast a body falls when pushed over a cliff and various other felonious activities. The Internet and experts in the field provide forensic information, while the recipes and B and B details require a more hands-on approach. Morgan’s daughter, who manages a hotel, provides guest horror stories to fuel the plot lines. The couple’s dog, Chance, is the inspiration behind Jasper, Donna’s dog. Overall, both are fun series to create and read.


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  1. So many fun things happening to keep the protagonist and the reader busy! These are characters I want to meet!

  2. This sounds and looks like a fun intriguing read. Love the plot twists and turns. Would love to read and review in print format.
    Love the fact the author is using the Mean Girl, The Sweet Guy, The Creepy Guy, The nosy neighbor, The intrusive yet lovable mother and the use of the pets too. Read book 1 in print. Loved book 1 so look forward this book.
    Hope I Win

  3. I may be biased, but they are fun people. Wait, until you meet Vanessa.

  4. Wedding Cake Blues, book one, is free for the month of June on BookFunnel.

  5. Thanks for the lovely review. I should have mentioned it in my previous comment. Reviews are the lifeblood of authors. I'm the MK of MK Scott.

  6. Thank you for the excerpt and giveaway!


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