Smile More Stress Less


Smile More Stress Less

by Geoffrey Saign


Want one easy method to end anxiety, stress, sadness, loneliness, fear, & anger? While maximizing happiness, inner peace, and self-awareness?

One quick way to cut through all negative emotions? And have fun doing it?

~Savvy & easy workbook exercises ensure success!~

In just minutes a day this playful yet smart approach can:

*End inner and outer conflicts

*End anxiety, worry, fear, anger, boredom, and self-doubt

*Increase healthy relationships with everyone in your life

*End illusions in your life and maximize clarity

*Rewire your brain to live with deep intelligence

*Become your own AAA+ rated super-counselor

*Help you discover the Power of HERE

*Allow your natural joy to blossom

This hands-on, A+B = C approach will supercharge your brain function, improve your emotional intelligence, and change your life!

~Finalist Forward INDIES Self-Help Book of the Year 2020~ (Winner TBA 6/17/2021)


The thought process is regarded as a sign of human intelligence, yet our thoughts often sabotage what we do and are unaware, negative, and create stress. We’re running an old program in our brain’s neural net. Worse, we’re addicted to the repetitive thought process. It feels good, safe, right. It feels like us. Who we are. Our thoughts create feelings and emotions which, even if we don’t always like them, are a known process that continually reinforces itself in the brain.

Minor adjustments are not enough to alter the brain’s stress process. The brain’s neural net needs a system overhaul, a complete update and reboot. We’re going to take thought off its pedestal and get real with it.

Too often we feel that to attain awareness means taking a very serious, “adult” approach to life, like a monk sitting in a cave for a decade. But it can be a playful adventure with childlike wonder.

Our INTENT in this process is the WHY of what we’re doing. Our intent is to consciously break up our habitual neural pattern—mechanical, negative thoughts—by informing and teaching the brain to change. In essence, to rewire itself. If the brain understands what we are trying to do, and why, it will listen. It has no choice. You can be the master of wiring your neural net to a positive state.

I asked the Author: What makes you Smile More and Stress Less?

Author Response:

What brings smiles to my face daily is that I am in control (not in a forced, authoritative way) of my stress and all negative emotions, and I can end them before they begin. I see factual changes in my brain, living, and reactions to others and life’s challenges, and I KNOW how to bring calm, peace, and joy into my life. I skip around my living quarters most days, smile every day, and am living the dream. Not because of what I can buy, or what I have, but because of what I feel and sense daily inside. I’m happy, and it’s only getting better. This has been a long road. 50 years of stress, worry, anxiety, searching, looking, and trying every Eastern, Western, and alternative methodology I could find. I wanted to go deep, to get to the root of things. And now I am reaping the results. Finally. I know 2020 was a rough year for many people, who lost loved ones and suffered. I feel so fortunate to say it was the best year of my life. Why? I made breakthroughs in mind body energy awareness, in intelligence, that for me are stunning, beautiful, and precious. I am so ‘lucky’!!! It’s like a fairy tale that just keeps getting better. And I can’t wait to see how it unfolds!

About The Author

Geoffrey Saign began reducing stress by practicing mindfulness at the age of fifteen. For fifty years he studied many modalities for mind-body calming and awareness, including Qigong, tai chi, kung fu, meditation, biofeedback, positive psychology, and many others. He co-designed and taught a cutting-edge, research-based self-awareness class to young adults for ten years. In 2020 the author experienced a major breakthrough in mind-brain-body awareness, which led to him Living with intelligence HERE, and the resulting book, Smile More Stress Less.







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  1. I love Geoffrey's book series "Jack Steel". My husband loves reading them also.

    1. Great to hear, Audrey! Is that the newsletter you emailed me about? The thrillers?

  2. I'm glad to be here! I'll stop by later for any comments or questions.

  3. It sounds like it could have some helpful tips for coping in it. Thanks for the chance.

  4. We could all do with less stress in our lives.

  5. I love the idea of smiling more to help facilitate stress relief.


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