A Kit's Wish


A Kit's Wish

Children of Chaos Series

by Marsha Black

Genre: YA Fantasy

Aya, an eight-year-old kitsune lives alone in the forest.

Hidden away from humans, except for a squirrel and jaguar as her best friends, she’s all alone.

A chance meeting with Mac, a kitsune from another forest, brings Aya into a village with others of her species, some knowledge of her parents, learning to use the energy within her and her destiny that’s intertwined with Ky-Oh.

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Mother of 2, avid reader, lover of anything and everything paranormal/supernatural. Enjoys reading, watching TV, and hanging out with her kids. Hopes that through her written books, readers can escape from reality, as many books did for her. Writes clean YA/NA, with some toe-dipping in other genres. Loves reading reviews and interacting with new readers/fans, so don't be afraid to befriend and/or get in touch with her.

The anthologies I am part of, even my stories may not be acceptable for teens, so make sure to check the ratings of anthologies if looking to get them for teens.

Adults, I prefer writing clean YA/NA. I can write make-out scenes as far as anthologies or possible co-writings may go.

Please keep these in mind going forward, since I don't want any of my fans blind-sided by a descriptive make-out session within a story or anthology the is not rated PG-13 or below.

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  1. This is such a pretty cover. My daughter will enjoy this.

  2. Oh I think it's a sweet tale, sort of a female Peter Pan.


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