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Nature Is Unlimited Broadcasting Station:

 Flowers She Wore on Her Feet

by Bertha and Edward Mkwelele


'Flowers she wore on her feet'.

This is the story of an extraordinary girl and young woman with a brilliant mind, a heart of gold, and who is gone too soon. Neema was a priceless gift to us. Neema was an extraordinary young woman, with joy and wisdom, and remarkably profound and greater understanding about herself and others. She taught us everything worth knowing about life and love, everything about what it means to be a best friend. Neema, outlook for future is something about this book. Neema would have wanted the world to hear the voice of children and young people, girls and young people in particularly young women around the world, their walking sound when they walk wearing their beautiful flowers on their feet. Meaning that those girls and young women around the world have worked hard the same way Neema did, searching for their favorite flowers and they were able to see them and finally finding their ways to broadcast them, and therefore, finding their unique values. This is what Neema would have wanted the world to hear from children and young people saying that we go out and we're asking for help and support, they will wear flower on their feet because they worked hard to get see them and therefore they can now see themselves, and therefore , the walk by itself is a voice and a cry for help and they are saying help us because we would like to contribute to the world and we're read and we know what we love and what we want to do and what we're loving doing and we just want opportunities to let us equip with knowledge and skills then we will all be ready and set to contribute to the world we live in our own unique way happily.


Neema’s outlook for the future was something about this book. In the year of 2011, Neema was 22 years old, only a few months after finishing her first degree at the age of 21 years old. She was a graduate student and a young woman with a BA (Hons), ready to take on the world. She was preparing herself to go to Chile, one of the South American countries, for an internship program offered by Chile Inside, a tourism company based in Germany. She was a keen traveller and having just graduated in broadcasting, she was looking forward to gaining personal as well as professional experience as a researcher and becoming a writer for tourism and travel magazines. She was passionate about travelling and meeting people from different cultures. She was also passionate about writing and would have liked to combine the two likes together. She made her decision and chose Chile to live and work. She was quite confident that she would have worked hard, enjoyed sharing the life and culture as well as contributing to the people she lived with in Chile and elsewhere in the world. She would probably have married and had a family and children.

Neema was not the only member of her generation whose aspirations and subsequent career choice were shaped by both the traditional way, including reading, and the modern way, including new technology such as television. What was so special about Neema’s future outlook? She was equipped and determined to make the most of her experience and contribute to the world in a unique way. She was ready and clearly presented herself as an individual and showed the world that she was happy and loved what she was doing.

She decided to walk with her career, using the career she adored and broadcasting what she loved doing, and broadcasting her love of nature and wearing flowers on her feet. She was born a natural leader, taking the lead to do something she profoundly believed in was very simple to her, because she was a happy girl who always strived to be happy at any cost. She would have gone on to educate people and contribute to the world, and these were the physical ingredients of her existence as we came to know it, and we gained insight into the understanding that was Neema’s powerful message to all people around the world: that you can possibly educate others by doing simple things in life, change their way of thinking, inspire them and let them follow you and encourage them to work at having fun and be happy by putting smiles on their faces. On top of that, Neema would have said that her way was the simplest way to make their lives better and make a difference, no matter how small the difference in other people’s lives.

About the Authors:

Bertha Mkwelele and Edward Mkwelele are co-founders of the Neema Edward Mkwelele Wellness Foundation, where they empower young girls in Tanzania through education. Visit to learn more.














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