Oh! Olivia


Oh! Olivia: A Calico Cat Mystery
by Patricia Fry

About Oh! Olivia

Oh! Olivia: A Calico Cat Mystery
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Matilija Press (May 19, 2021)
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 254 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1736943006
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1736943007
Digital ASIN ‏ : ‎ B095BV39KQ

Olivia proves she’s not just a pretty face.

Parker Campbell, an investigative reporter, and her calico cat, Olivia, have been summoned to help save a long-standing cat colony site from the grips of eager developers. They arrive on scene to discover that the property has become enshrouded in a most unsettling mystery. The feral cats are digging up personal items belonging to missing persons who vanished years earlier. Was this the site of a mass murder, a cult ritual gone wrong, or an unexplained phenomenon? Parker teams up with Detective Judson Caldwell, who has taken a personal leave to secretly investigate the mystery, and soon learns what drives his obsession with this case.

Olivia, the sweet and sassy calico, struts her stuff in this story. She locates a lost toddler and ends up getting herself arrested. She isn’t about to take this insult lying down, however. She escapes from custody and trashes the police station. Olivia alerts Parker to trouble when they visit her aunt’s home and find that the woman has detained a burglar in a most unusual way. Olivia also finds major clues in the convoluted cat colony mystery, one that promises a glimmer of hope for a long-grieving parent.


Life as a Cozy-Cat Mystery Star

By a calico named Olivia

It wasn’t my idea to become a character in a mystery series. All I wanted was a cozy home with regular meals and loving people and that’s what I got when Mom-Patricia adopted me. I noticed from the beginning that we spend a lot of time looking at words across a screen. There are lots of words being typed every single day. But that’s okay, there’s room for me on Mom’s lap while she writes, and there’s a window where I can sit and watch birds and squirrels while Mom composes those stories. I’ve also learned that if I make enough noise and run across Mom’s lap enough times, she’ll get up and play with me. I love-love-love it when she plays with me.

Life was good until I found myself in one of Mom’s stories. Imagine my surprise when one day I meet Rags, the starring cat in her Klepto Cat Mystery series. Together Rags and I nabbed a thieving tom cat. We saved another cat that needed help, and we got involved in a sticky protest. Yeah, Rags and I sure helped change those peoples’ mind about cats that day.

That was fun, but I didn’t expect what happened next. Mom said that her readers loved meeting me so much and that I had such a following on Facebook, that she wanted to make me a star like Rags is. Me a star?  

Well, that’s the day the words on the screen began including my name and some of the things I do around the house. She even described my mew-style. I can’t help it, I make kitten sounds. When I talk—you know, say Mew, Meow, Mrow… it’s all squeaky. I can’t help it, but couldn’t she give me a more grown up sound? My cat friends will surely make fun of me.

She even has my cat character being a finicky eater. Hey, I like what I like and I don’t like canned food, okay? But why does she have to broadcast that all over to her readers? Why do they care what I eat? It’s all about the character, Mom says. She says I’m an interesting cat character and she wants to portray me in all of my glory—whatever that means. I guess what it means is I’m a spectacle, but I do have fun being the star of my own series. I even got to do a couple of scenes with Rags again.

I’m not always a calm, quiet, obedient cat in Mom’s stories. No way! She lets me run away sometimes and have some fun and interesting adventures. Once I was sort of catnapped by a witch. My mom in the story, Parker Campbell, an investigative writer, was frantic with worry, but I had a pretty good time living all pampered. Sometimes when I’m being bad (in the stories, you know) I also do something really good and smart. I found a lost little boy once, and I helped a friend find his daughter. That was quite a story. I was on the edge of Mom’s lap while she was typing that one.

So what’s it like to be a cat star? It’s okay, just as long as my real mom, Patricia Fry the writer, keeps making a lap for me, and plays chasey balls with me, and keeps my kibbles bowl filled, I’m a happy calico.

Patricia Fry is the author of 97 books, including the 52-book strong Klepto Cat Mystery series and two books in the Calico Cat Mysteries.



Blog: http://www.MatilijaPress.com/Catscapades



About Patricia Fry

Patricia has been writing for publication for over 45 years. The first Calico Cat Mystery will be her 94th published book. But she didn’t start out writing fiction. She had a passion for writing nonfiction articles, and she wrote hundreds—maybe thousands—of articles over her career for around 300 different publications including, Woman’s World, Entrepreneur, The Toastmaster, The World and I, Western Horse, Cat Fancy, Cats Magazine, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Your Health, Writer’s Digest, and many, many others.

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s she wrote columns, articles, and books for authors teaching about the business of writing. She presented workshops for authors and gave presentations in dozens of cities throughout the US.

In 2010, she wrote her first cat book—Catscapades, True Cat Tales. The following year she shifted from writing nonfiction and teaching, counseling, and mentoring other authors and she wrote the first in the award-winning Klepto Cat Mystery series, CATNAPPED. This series is 51-books strong as of April 2021 and counting.

Patricia is past president and director of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network—now WPN, The Writers and Publishers Network). She is a professional member of the Cat Writers Association since 2009, and she has been writing a daily blog—Catscapades since 2009.

Patricia has almost always had a cat at her hearth and in her heart, loving many mixed breed cats as well as a Himalayan, a Persian and a Siamese. She prefers the long-to medium haired cats, but she has also shared her home with short-haired cats over the years. All but two of the cats she’s had over the years were adopted. Several of them were rescues and some of those came from feral beginnings. Every one of her cats had a story and those stories sometimes appear in the mysteries she writes.

Currently, Patricia shares her home with Sophie, a seventeen-year-old classic formerly feral tortie, and Olivia, the gorgeous diva calico featured in the Calico Cat Mystery series.

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  1. Love the blurb. This sounds like a cute mystery. I like the cat idea. Thanks for the chance.

  2. Love the book cover and book blurb. Sounds like a fantastic mystert that's fun too. Love books like this. Would love to read and review this book in print book.
    Thanks for chance to win
    Hope I Win

  3. I would like to read this and so would my sister who loves cats. Vivian Furbay jtandviv (at) q (dot) com


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