Silent Pretty Things


Silent Pretty Things

by O.J. Lovaz

Mystery, Suspense

A small town…a prominent family…a secret. Only two people know the truth, and their silence will have murderous consequences.

Anna Goddard has spent a lifetime being the Good Daughter. Polished and primped into sleek, blond perfection, Anna learned from an early age that being a Goddard meant presenting a flawless fa├žade to the world. But all that changes when Anna stumbles upon a private correspondence that leaves her reeling. With the help of Michael Donovan, a shy but charming local historian, Anna embarks on a journey to find the one thing her family has always denied: The Truth.

Propelled by her mission to protect those she loves, the young woman experiences a tantalizing taste of freedom. But in the process of unearthing the past, Anna and her family will expose a new threat so dangerous it could ruin them all.


He splashed cool water on his face, put on his one good suit; grabbed his keys, badge, and his Glock. In another minute he was inside his unmarked black Dodge Charger. He tossed a handful of mixed nuts in his mouth and drove away. He’d have to make a quick stop at McDonald’s for a black coffee, no sugar. Jesus! What a splitting headache he had!

It was just past 1:30 a.m. when he arrived. The first odd thing that he noticed was the picnic table out on the front lawn, which looked as if the guests had left in a hell of a hurry. There were plates full of food and bottles of beer from which no more than a sip had been taken. Moreover, it was evident that no one had attempted to clean up or save any of the leftover food, and there was a whole lot of it. Pity that he couldn’t nibble on the evidence. That lasagna looked amazing—sure, it would be cold now, but he’d done much worse, especially during long stakeouts. Of course, eating lasagna right before inspecting a corpse wouldn’t be smart.

Officer Gutierrez greeted him at the front door. As he signed the crime-scene logbook, he sensed a faint smell of smoke. Curious. “Do you smell that?” he asked Gutierrez.

Smell what?” His voice reeked of mediocrity.

Smoke. Do you smell it?”

No, not really.”

Hmm, have the rookie do a perimeter search around the house,” said Wozniak, looking back and sideways at a young officer standing idly at the bottom of the stairs.

About the Author

O.J. Lovaz is the author of Silent Pretty Things—the riveting suspense, mystery, and thriller novel that will keep readers turning pages late into the night. His background in Psychology has offered Lovaz a compelling insight into the human psyche, the raw matter for rich character development.

O.J. might be found reading Dostoevsky or Stephen King; sipping a White Russian or a latte. He’s a fan of drama, dark comedy, and suspenseful movies. His perfect lazy day includes a Quentin Tarantino movie, a stand-up comedy special, and classic hard rock.

His life journey has taken O.J. to New York, Michigan, South Carolina, and Puerto Rico; each holds a special place in his heart. He loves to travel, explore, go on road trips; and tries to be the best possible husband to his awesome wife and father to his brilliant daughter.





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  1. This sounds fantastic! I already added to my "TBR" list.

  2. Thanks for hosting my book!

    Hi readers! Thanks for checking out my debut novel. If you like what you see, take a look at the reviews the book has been getting at Amazon. All five stars so far. And the e-book is only $3.99! I just want a lot of people to read it.

    I look forward to your comments, and will be happy to answer your questions.



  3. It sounds like a great read, and I love the cover.

  4. I love small town mysteries and suspense reads. Sounds like a great storyline.

  5. Interesting to learn about your book.

  6. The title does give a hint of the type of story. Well done.

  7. This sounds like an awesome book.

  8. I like the cover! The pink really stands out!


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