The Circle of the Red Scorpion World Book 1

by Charlene Johnson

Genre: Paranormal Romance 

When Archangel Michael discovers a demon pierced the veil into another realm, he assigns his top warrior, Rayven Stone, to retrieve her.

Desiree Black is the fiery haired demon with stunning emerald eyes Rayven can’t resist. And the one thing he never expected to do was to fall in love.

Returning to present day meant protecting Desiree from the cruel demon leader who vows to punish her for disobeying him. What will Rayven have to do to save her?

It’s angel versus demon. Who will emerge the victor?

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Charlene writes Paranormal Romance and Romantic Suspense/Thrillers. She lives on a farm outside of Colville, Washington.

She's won the following books awards:

2020 Book Excellence Awards Finalist for Homecoming (Sterling Wood Series Book 1)

2020 Literary Titan Silver Award for Blown Away (The Crimes of Passion Series Book 2)

2021 Book Excellence Awards Finalist for Blown Away (The Crimes of Passion Series Book 2)

2021 Book Excellence Awards Finalist for Awakened ( Circle of the Red Scorpion Series - Book 5)

2021 Literary Titan Silver Award for Awakened ( Circle of the Red Scorpion Series - Book 5)

She is currently writing two paranormal romance series, Circle of the Red Scorpion and Circle of the Red Scorpion World, and a romantic suspense/thriller series, Sterling Wood. She also wrote a book for a multi-author romantic suspense/crime thriller series, Crimes of Passion, and several short stories for anthologies.

Books have always been Charlene's passion. She started reading at an early age and progressed to full-length books by age nine. The first supernatural book series she read was Dark Shadows, and it sparked her interest in all things paranormal, with a spicy touch of romance mixed in for good measure. She also started writing poetry in grade school and continues to do so today. Being an avid reader, the consummate daydreamer, and an incurable romantic with a Cinderella complex, she started creating her characters and storylines because she realized she had her own stories to tell. She’s traveled the world, crossed galaxies, traveled through time, and explored history on the pages of books.

Besides reading and writing, she also enjoys photography, travel, music, great movies, and Elvis.

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  1. The cover is amazing. The tough guy with Angel wings is such a contradiction. It really peaked my interest.

    1. Thank you!. You're right. Rayven is a fierce warrior and defender but has a deep capacity to love. Writing the book was very emotional for me. I felt like I was going through it with him.

  2. This sounds like a really great read! Cool cover!

  3. I have always like Angels in books. I like the cover too.

    1. Thanks! I've had angels in my original Circle of the Red Scorpion series but never one as the main character. It was so much fun to write.

  4. Oh my goodness! This sounds good! And loving the cover!

  5. I liked the cover but how do the wings and the Tshirt go together?

  6. This has a great cover. Angel vs Demon...looking forward to the battle.

    1. Thank you! It was challenging and so much fun to write. I love it when I can let my imagination go wild and put it on paper.

  7. I look forward to reading this book. It sounds amazing. Love the cover.


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