Fall Into Fantasy


Fall Into Fantasy: 2021 Edition

Genre: Mixed Fantasy Anthology

with stories by

Shane Porteous, Barend Nieuwstraten III, Alex Minns, Andrew P. McGregor, Joanne Blondin,

James Pyles, Anstice Brown, J.C. Pillard, Linda M. Crate, Matthew McKiernan,

Jabe Stafford, Clarissa Gosling, R.A. Clarke, R.A. Meenan, Marsheila Rockwell

Fall Into Fantasy returns with 15 tales spanning the breadth of fantasy. From captive dragons to a magical war, Demons and circus performers, fairies and ghosts, dwarves and genies, even a typical day in the life of an earthworm. Don’t miss a single entertaining, exciting tale.


Shane Porteous “Gathering Genocide”
Barend Nieuwstraten III “Hearthshare”
Alex Minns “The Concealed Witness”
Andrew P. McGregor “Demon Dave: Dinner Time”
Joanne Blondin “Astounding Performances”
James Pyles “Theo Klaggorn, Private Detective”
Anstice Brown “Beneath The Roots”
J. C. Pillard “Three Drops In The Snow”
Linda M. Crate “Flight Of The Fae”
Matthew McKiernan “The Each-Uisge”
Jabe Stafford “Dead Next Door”
Clarissa Gosling “The Genie Of The Ring”
R. A. Clarke “The Brightening”
R. A. Meenan “Some Things Remain”
Marsheila Rockwell “Play It Again, Sem”

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  1. This sounds like an amazing anthology.

  2. Such awesome covers. Sounds like an amazing collection.

  3. We’re so proud of these authors. We hope you’ll check it out.

  4. We’re so proud of these authors (in all of our collections). We hope you’ll check them out.

  5. All of the covers are stunning. I do like anthologies.

  6. I like the covers. They really set the tone for the books.

  7. The covers alone make you want to read.


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