Kickass Husband


Kickass Husband

Winning At Life, Marriage and Sex

by Matthew Hoffman

Genre: Non-Fiction, Marriage & Relationships 

Kickass Husband is exactly that: a handbook for imperfect husbands who want to invest in and fortify their #1 relationship.

Each chapter is relatable, succinct, and easily digestible, giving you tactics you can immediately begin using in your own relationship.

With anecdotes from Matthew’s marriage, as well as analyses from  Certified Gottman Marriage Therapist Chris Cambas, you’ll be equipped with the tools, strategies, and real-life examples you need to lean in to your #1 relationship and take it from floundering to flourishing.

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Matthew P. Hoffman is a national speaker and author of Kickass Husband: Winning at Life,

Marriage & Sex. As the founder and co-developer of Kickass Quotient, the Kickass Couples Podcast, and his live event series, he thrives on teaching spouses how to develop their #1 relationship. 

His wife, Kimberly, is the first to vouch that he is, indeed, a kickass husband who leads men from selfishness and unfulfillment to satisfaction and love in their marriages.

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  1. This would be great for my son-in-law, according to my daughter.

  2. This should be required reading for husbands-to-be.

  3. I am not a self help reader but this sounds like it contains a lot of helpful information we could use in our household.

  4. Could be useful, not thrilled with the title though.

  5. It has helpful information many should read.

  6. It has helpful information many should read.

  7. This books sounds terrific. There are tons of self-help books for mothers. It's nice for fathers to be able to get tips.


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