The Rewired Series


The Rewired Series: The Recruiter

by Alexander Mukte

Mystery/Thriller Sci-fi

This is a fantastic, genre-bending series that weaves together the best mystery, visionary, and speculative fiction elements. With characters that span across books and time, The Rewired Series explores what plagues humanity and the impact each person can have while leaving you with the promise of a better tomorrow. Alexander Mukte wraps all of these themes inside edge-of-your-seat, engaging mysteries with larger-than-life characters you’ll want to revisit again and again.

The Recruiter

A fast-paced and thought-provoking mystery that will keep you on your toes until the very end. The Recruiter is an entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable start to the series, full of intriguing twists and turns.

Leslie may be an idealist, but she's no fool. She trusts her boss, Ori, implicitly. He has vision, principles, and a way with people. When a bomb is detonated at work, she finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of events. All of a sudden, their lives are on the line, and every choice matters.

Is Ori who she thinks he is? Why would anyone want to hurt him? And how do they get out of this mess? Leslie doesn't have it all figured out, but what becomes clear is that there's a lot the world doesn't know about Ori Clayborn.

Jessica is driven to make a difference by uncovering the truth. Investigative reporting is her life. One day she gets a unique assignment that leads her back to her hometown and into Ori's orbit. What will she find, and what's her role in this?

The Recruiter is a captivating, imaginative story that draws you in deeper and deeper, page-by-page. Alexander Mukte creates a universe that pulls you in and doesn't let you go.


Chapter 6

Leslie’s ears were ringing as she began to regain her senses. She saw Ori kneeling over her. His lips were moving, but she was having trouble making out his words. Slowly she realized he was asking, “Are you ok?” She nodded feebly, and he extended his hand to pull her up to sitting.

Panic rose in her chest. She must have blacked out. She started looking around, trying to piece together what happened and if everyone was ok. Past Ori she saw fire and smoke coming from a car. And a few feet away from him, she saw Roger sitting and holding his head. She realized there was a pounding in her own head as well.

Ori touched her shoulder, and she realized he was saying something else to her. She tried to focus. “We’ve got to get you and Roger inside where it’s safe,” Ori was saying.

Isn’t that your car?” Leslie asked.

Don’t worry about it; everything is ok. We need to get inside where it’s safe,” Ori said.

What about Ms. Hetty?” Leslie asked.

She’s okay; she was inside the building,” Ori said. “Are you ok to stand up?”

Leslie noticed that Roger made his way over to her and extended his hand to help her up. Leslie took both of their hands, and the two men helped her to her feet.

Jordan appeared as well as a flood of other employees. Ori yelled, “Everyone, stay in the building, away from the windows. Jordan, call the police.”

Deeply Rooted Dreams:

This bold and compelling sequel is an evocative page-turner on the journey to a better future.

Since her encounter with Ori years ago, Jessica, an investigative journalist, has continued her mission to print the truth that the world needs to hear. Her pursuit has led her to meet with a source, Zach Carver, a leading mind at Singularity Group. The meeting goes awry, and Jessica awakens to find that she has a gap in time and memory and that Zach is now missing.

What happened? Who is responsible? And how can she help Zach? It is imperative that Jessica find out, and to her surprise, Ori has reappeared to help her do just that.

Malik, an intelligent and inventive young man, is determined to find a way to overcome the virus that has impacted the world. When he crosses paths with powerful people at Confidence Biotech, the leading treatment and contact tracing company, they take an unusual interest in him. Then, all of a sudden, they paint Malik as public enemy number one, forcing him to go on the run.

What do they want from him, and does this mean that he is close to discovering something they couldn't?

Deeply Rooted Dreams is the second installment of The Rewired Series, unveiling more of the universal trial that Ori alluded to in The Recruiter. Alexander Mukte's second novel creates an even more intricate world, striking an engaging balance of mystery and wonder.

About the Author

Alexander had an active imagination his whole life, but it wasn’t until the birth of his son that he began putting the stories in his mind on paper. He wanted to be an example of someone pursuing his passion, dreaming big, and taking chances.

Alexander loves people, their stories, and their backgrounds as well as what shapes them, how they think, and what they dream about. He has a passion for learning and is known by most as an intensely curious person who eagerly soaks up anything and everything he can. He dreamt of a career that allowed him to learn new things every day. In writing, he has found a life that allows him to do just that.

After graduating with a degree in business, Alexander volunteered in the U.S. Peace Corps where he aided in creating sustainable small business ventures in Central America. Before taking this leap of faith, Alexander did Business Development and Consulting for large domestic and international companies. These experiences weave themselves into the characters, places and stories he creates.

An avid traveler, Alexander enjoys exploring new places with his family. He was raised in Southeastern Arizona, and now calls Georgia home, along with his wife and two sons.

The Recruiter is Alexander’s first novel, though perhaps the 39th in his mind. We hope you enjoy it, and Deeply Rooted Dreams, as much as we have.

Q&A With the Author

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

It’s a close one between chocolate chip cookie dough and mint chocolate chip. If I had to choose, I’d go with chocolate chip cookie dough, because every time you get a little bit of dough, it’s like a pleasant little surprise.

Which mythological creature are you most like?

A dragon, the benevolent type (think Sisu, though I’m not as strong a swimmer).

First book you remember making an indelible impression on you.

Guns, Germs, and Steel is one that comes to mind because of how it broadened my perspective. Before reading that, I just thought of germs as things I wanted to remove from my environment. Once I read the book and realized that germs have an objective to survive as well, that made me reassess how I thought about a lot of things in my world.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad also left a positive mark, strengthening my financial literacy and implanting an idea of one day being financially independent.

How do you develop your plot and characters?

To develop my plot, I start with a ‘What If’ question that interests me. My previous career was in corporate strategy, so you can probably imagine how the “what if” question for The Recruiter came to me. I asked myself, “What if there was a prominent Black business leader of a major corporation? And what if he was helping “the little guy” and evening the playing field in ways you don’t often see in big business?”

And as I thought about this, I, of course, thought about the rarity of black male CEOs. As I added the notion of this man’s business potentially undercutting the interests of some very powerful people, a conspiracy thriller began to unfold in my mind.

Then to develop the plot further, I keep asking myself ‘Why’ until I get to an answer or a reason beyond a single person and his or her individual motives.

For developing characters, this is less clear-cut. I think that my characters reflect observations that I’ve made in my life. Every character brings a mix of energy. Like in life, some friends will be more positive, negative, cynical, or faithful than others. I just see these characters in my imagination. The more time I spend with them, the more these characters reveal themselves. Throughout the story, I just try to make sure that the right person is in place to play their role and move the story along.

Describe your writing space.

My writing space is a cozy nook in our guest bedroom. The ceiling above it slants down, so I have to be careful when I stand up. I have a compact writer’s desk on one side of the nook, which I try to keep free of clutter. Just two framed photos stay in view—the first of my wife on our wedding day, the second of my wife holding my oldest son when he was just born. I will soon add a third frame to show how our family has grown. Behind me rests a bookcase crammed with recent reads, long-time favorites, and even old textbooks. Here is where I allow the clutter, just outside of my periphery. The bookcase is also home to photos of my parents and brother, my grandparents, me with the late John Lewis, and me with President and Mrs. Carter (I had a couple of lucky encounters in grad school; I’m done name-dropping now). I also have an acoustic guitar, which I can’t really play, nestled between my chair and the white door that leads to a crawl space where we store all of our holiday decorations. Lastly, one of my favorite parts of my writing space is a couch on the other side of me along the windowsill, making napping very convenient. If you haven’t had a chance to read Rest, check it out. Naps are our friends.

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  1. Thank you for hosting me and The Rewired Series! Rereading this is giving me a craving for chocolate cookie dough ice cream! Looking forward to any questions, comments, favorite ice cream flavors or mythical creatures :)

  2. Thank you for hosting me and The Rewired Series! Re-reading this is giving me a craving for chocolate cookie dough ice cream! Looking forward to any questions, comments, favorite ice cream flavors or mythical creatures :)

  3. Both books sound amazing, and I'm looking forward to reading them.

  4. This sounds like quite the unique genre bending read.

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