The Dominion Defiant


The Dominion: Defiant

The Dominion Book 2

by Chris Cloake

Genre: Epic Fantasy 

An ancient adversary in the east seeks to invade Ordefima and claim the treasures it holds.
When his beloved sister is captured, Rupert, the youngest son of the ruling family, is sent to save her. As the power of the enemy increases, can he overcome personal tragedy, emotional entanglements and lost allegiances to emerge as the hero? Or will subversive forces and increasing austerity inspire the people to rebel against him?
The Dominion - Defiant is the second book in the fantasy trilogy. If you like epic adventure, dark brooding menace, vivid characters and imaginative settings, then you’ll love this latest instalment by popular author Chris Cloake.
Buy The Dominion - Defiant today and immerse yourself in a mythical new world. 

The Dominion: Divided

The Dominion Book 1

Seventeen centuries of peace in Ordefima are shattered by a violent attack by an unknown assailant. Could a mythical enemy have returned? Does the danger come from within? As the ruling family fragments, Rupert, youngest son of the Marquis, is torn between the increasing demands of duty and saving his failing marriage. As all that he loves comes under threat, he must embark on dangerous challenges in a quest for answers. Can he succeed in the face of doubt or will unthinkable horrors be unleashed upon a land unprepared for change? The Dominion – Divided is the first book in a fantasy trilogy by Chris Cloake. For those who love deep emotion, colourful locations, perilous predicaments and mystifying menace, this book is for you. Enter the world of The Dominion and set out on a profound journey of discovery.

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Chris Cloake was born in 1964 and began telling stories a couple of years later. He grew up in Kent, England. He is motivated to write by a deep interest in life, particularly the cruel, deeply flawed nature of people contrasted with their incredible creativity and inspiration. The power of the natural world is a common theme in his work as a writer and professional photographer. He lives happily with his wife, two children and a large collection of music, books and board games.

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  1. I absolutely love the cover! How long have you been writing?

  2. WOW!! Such creepy covers. Made me look.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I have been writing since I could write. In 2015 I decided I had enough quality to go public and have since self published six books. I'm glad you love the covers. It means I must be getting it right. Many thanks.

  5. This has a very unique cover. I love the location name, Ordefima

    1. This is very reassuring to hear. I went through about a hundred different names before deciding. Many thanks.

  6. Your books sound like thrilling reads, Chris and the covers are cool! Thanks for sharing them with me and have a great day!

  7. This sounds like an exciting book.

  8. I love the cover. The colors and graphics are great.

  9. Thanks for the great post. These are perfect for now.

  10. Sounds like a great series. I like the covers.

  11. The book looks like an interesting book to explore and I am excited to read it.


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